Your take home ?


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Not sure if I'm going to get the correct answer or even if there is a correct answer cause we all have different goals. I was wondering what is a good number to be taking home at the end of the month and after you have paid your expenses. personal and business.

is $500 okay or bad
is 1200 okay or bad
is 2000 okay or bad
Some months my will be different



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Oh Johnny, oh Johnny, oh Johnny oh!

Your limit is $2,000.00/month?

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Okay it can more than $2000 a month , maybe i didn't explain. I'll lay my marbles out for you I bring in somewhere around 4K to 9K a month. I have an overhead of 2K - and up in expenses. all depends on what vendor partners and the job size. So after paying the overhead which can be personal and business. IE website,mortgage insurance advertising, and other what's would be a go number. or a number some have found to be okay with.

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I'd have to know:
1) how much time is dedicated per month to generate the money
2) the type of lifestyle the person is seeking
3) how much is the person investing per month

For example, I'd say that in most cases, if someone is generating $500 a month......they should have next to no expenses and be spending little time on the business. . If it's costing a lot of time and money to generate $500 to $2000 a month profit, the person is probably doing something wrong but I sure there are exceptions. I'm also not taking about start ups, where its possible to spend lots of time without generating a profit


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well since my mortgage is almost 2K, I need to take home at least 2K a month, that doesn't include the rest of my bills, plus putting back into the business, so I guess I need to take home at least 4K per month.


I make 4k-9k like you do as well. but my monthly bills take alot of of me.. so far as savings go (thats what i call the extra)
it's more like 500-1000 a month. i wish I could make more than 100k a year.