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DJ Shoe

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What Scotch said:

I'd rather converse with those that judged me on the content of my posts rather than the lack of personal information.
Co-sign. Truth is, I'm not really here to acquire work, I'm here to hopefully engage in conversations about DJing, to share ideas about it, to give and get song tips, etc. I don't have a DJ website, and no way am I interested in posting my phone # on a message board (perhaps if I had a separate business # for my DJing, it'd be different). People should do whatever they're comfortable with. Like Scotch, I'm more interested in what people are saying than in who they are or where they can be found (still new to the board, mind you, so maybe I'll feel differently about all this if I stick around).
All of my profile information is completed and my posts contain my "signature". I have no problem with the people here knowing who I am or how to contact me. I've always viewed this forum as one to share ideas, ask questions, engage in meaningful dialog among fellow entertainment professionals. Many folks on this forum preach "professionalism" in our industry.

How about starting by standing up, being counted as who you are and encouraging others to do the same. I have nothing to hide or be embarassed about, nor am I afraid of some disagreement in dialog. How about you?

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Another plus for putting your website city and other real information in your signature, is web spiders see it and it will help you with internet searches.


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Here are a few rational reasons for someone to not want their personal info on here:
Paranoia, either they are hiding from someone, or are just the paranoid, cautious type.
Might want to say mean things anonymously.
May be shy because they feel inferior (professionally) to some of the other members.
Might be posing as multiple people on line.
May not want to risk any unsolicited contact.
They might know some people in this forum whom they want to avoid.
I'm sure there are other reasons that you could come up with.
Just because the profile is not complete does not always automatically make someone a slimeball.
It helps to put a little something in there.


wuz here when it was Red.
I have nothing to hide or be embarassed about, nor am I afraid of some disagreement in dialog. How about you?
I dont think my clients need to know how much of an opinionistik jerk I am in real life..

they probably suspect it of me.. but theirs no reason i should make it easy for em..


DJ Shoe

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I dont think my clients need to know how much of an opinionistik jerk I am in real life.
Yeah, I'm of the same mind about this. I have lots of opinions about music and about DJing etc. but the last people I'd care to share all that with would be potential clients. (Though again, as I already mentioned, I'm not even on this board because I'm interested in acquiring business through it. I'm here to "talk shop" mostly. If anyone feels I'm not legit I would hope it's because of stupid stuff I say rather than because I haven't revealed all my personal details.) (And trust me, if I stick around, I will say lots of stupid stuff, though hopefully it will be usefully stupid in that it will prompt someone else to say something smarter.)

Ken Heath

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You state "but for the most part I like my anonimity, which is my right"

Not exactly a correct statement; You suspend some portion of your 'rights' when you agree to the terms of service to participate in a private community.

Part of the terms of service is we get to know who is asking to come over to our house to play...the other guests might not ever know, but we certainly will. We will respect your desire to use a nom-de-plume to identify yourself to the other guests, but we do require factual information regarding your true identity for "backstage" purposes.
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