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Ken Heath

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It has come to my attention that many people who are coming around lately have not taken the time to fill out their profiles properly...this is not right...the profile system is in place to help other guests find out about you and possibly contact you if they have questions or might like an off-line clarification of something you've posted, it also assists the Moderating Staff to ascertain whether or not we're dealing with an actual person or a board troll who is simply here to disrupt our community.

If you have a website with your email and phone number on it, then what's the problem with supplying that information here so others can find out more about you?

Johnny Dee

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I agree also. I like to know something about the people I'm chatting with.


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You know I like ya Ken, but seem to recall being hosed by a dogpile of DJs that jumped all over me about my asking the same request not too long ago. Everyone defended their right to remain anonymous and incognito...

Accountability has become important for DJs that are serious about thier company and it's operational image. "DJ supersneak" just doesn't get it for most clientelle, why then should it a problem for DJs among other DJs to validate themselves with personal information?

Best of luck trying to get this one to stick...



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If it were up to me, everyone would be required to fully fill out their profile. And, to be honest, I tend not to take seriously, those who I do not know, meaning those that stay anonymous. I really believe that those who are anonymous have no credibility.

SoftJock Rick

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I also heard (through the grapevine -- shssh), that you are no longer allowed to carry liquid or gels into your profile...

Seriously, a profile is what the person wants to put into it, and nothing more.

People with ulterior motives will circumvent it, and the net is supposed to be free, so why challenge that? Just ignore those who don't fit your profiling scheme.



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SoftJock Rick said:
... Just ignore those who don't fit your profiling scheme.
So now we're PROFILING??? :roll: :shock: :shocked!:

Sorry - I just couldn't help myself. :oops:


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Should a DJ be required to list his website if he has one? You have too many people who copycat.

Ken Heath

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A web link to your site helps others see who you are, it also helps them contact you if necessary...I've sent prospective clients links to other DJ's sites when recommending them, (I get calls for many places out of my area), and I normally find their site from their posts here at ProDJ.

Your site can be found and pirated no matter where you do or do not post a link...I'd rather take the chance and gain the exposure than to keep it hidden and still hope people find it somehow!

The whole profile thing really boils down to simply being who you claim to be...why would anyone want to take advise from someone willing to lie about their identity...who knows what else they'll lie about if they cannot even be themselves around their peers?


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I also agree that anyone who is afraid to put info in their profile is a copout who needs to be spanked!!

And I laugh at some of the excuses they make . . . like: "I'm hiding from my EX!"

Total BS . . .

I'm real . . . and many here know it as I have personally met several of the members here and at other chat boards!

I have no qualms about letting people know who I am . . .

If you are a real DJ, then why are you scared to tell us who you really are?


Always At Your Service

Kudos to the few who have gone a step further in accepting personal accountability:

Ken Heath-Moderator;

to mention a few, by putting their real names to their user IDs.

Others have appended their real names to their signatures which is equally gutsy and appreciated by many.

Too many folks rely on the veil of internet anonymity to hide behind their devilish posting persona's.

Ken Heath

Super Moderator...da-ta-daaa!!!
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It's okay for yoiu cuz nobody takes garbage seriously anyway!!!


(besides, I know the real secret, Mr. Bucek)

SoftJock Rick

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Only I hold the secret details of the President's true identity and undisclosed whereabouts :D

They can be bought on eBay, for large sums of money though...
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