Your Guardian Angel - Instrumental Version

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I have heard a bunch of instrumental and/or karaoke versions of this song, by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. My client is looking for a piano or acoustic guitar version that would be appropriate for her wedding ceremony - what's your favorite? And if you wouldn't mind, where can I find it so I may listen or acquire (if I don't have it)?


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Vitamin String Quartet has an instrumental version to purchase. I'm not aware of a piano cover to purchase, except one to stream that I found on Soundcloud.

2 years ago, I found a local guitarist to play and record "I Choose You", because bride wanted to sing it at the wedding.... accompanied by guitar (could not find any such thing) also, she wanted to practice - hence the play and record. The bride officially hired and paid the guitarist, and kept the recording. (It was lovely - fyi)

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Here's a youtube link to an acoustic version. Perhaps you can search for the artist of this version and find it?

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