You want what????


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Just quoted a job, and the customer got back and asked me "do you have sample playlists". I have not posted here in a while, and at the same time was surprised...Just curious 1) do most of you provide them? 2) do most still get asked this question? I sent her what I thought was a great response, and the below review from a client I did an event for 2 weeks ago....Thanks everyone, Nancy from Coastal Music Services


Nancy arrived ahead of schedule and setup really fast. She worked with me to plan when we could sing Happy Birthday and even lead the song with a nice singing voice. She took a short list of songs I wanted played and based on that played a good mix of the kind of music we wanted to hear. Her price was competitive and I would definitely hire her again. Thank you Nancy for a great job!


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I never get asked for a sample playlist, but can pull past playlists from VDJ. On the website, the client can choose music, or leave the programming to me.

That is a question I just do not see asked often, only because each event is unique and what a client loves at one event may be hated by another just as easily.


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Never been asked that one!
But, if I was, I would tell the potential client that I don't keep my playlists...
and that no two jobs are the same.