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Chris Hollowell

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I just received a call from a nice girl asking about my rates for an unique wedding situation. First, all she wanted was a rate quote. They are shopping around and the budget is sort of "fixed". Quickly getting the feel of the conversation (she had already visited our website thru an online yellow pages advertisement), I went ahead and quoted her over the phone my Wedding Service fee.
I thanked her for her interest in my services with the understanding that they intended to call other DJs for the better deal. I made a small appeal to help her with her next couple of calls. Of course telling her that I hope to be included in that smaller list of DJ call backs, I suggested that she remain firm about her budget amount, but try to ask the DJ other questions besides just a price. I also gave a fast example of low cost services and quality service.

My angle is selling the service. Not the gear, not the price........the SERVICE.

The Bride-to-be lives in Arizona.....The Groo-to-be is in Indianapolis and the maid of honor that is helping with the wedding, is living in Florida.
Here's the strange part..... I am a Northern Indiana Disc Jockey and the Ceremony and Reception are on a private boat cruise in Chicago.

I explained that I was available and willing to serve them but there were also some Chicago DJs that I could recammend as an alternative if they liked. She had a few more questions for me about the detail of my services and what my fee encompases. The phone call went on until she was confident that they would be calling me back to discuss details and arrangements. She asked if communication by email, phone or snail mail was a problem? I assured her that I've proven the ability to work with clients from a distance.

My no pressure sales approach to pitching my SERVICE has been working. Thank you prodjers for ALL of your help and support!!!



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Ok lets get this straight:

Bride is in Arizona
Groom is in Indianapolis
Maid of Honor/'co-ordinator' is in Florida
You are in another part of Indiana
Wedding is in Chicago

Maybe it's me, but something sounds fishy. Did they offer to pay you with a cashiers check for $6,000?


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The big difference here is that the bride contacted Chris via phone, not the poorly written email that so many others have received. It does beg asking some additional questions but it certainly sounds more legit than the "D-Day" and international magazine scam offers.

It will be interesting to see where this one goes. Good luck, Chris.

Jon Bruce

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Everything that glitters is not gold.

I would find out what someone who has done it charges.

Those boats are a PITA.
Your insurance doesn't cover boats.
Are you going to need a hotel room?

Good luck though.

I have been slowly checking off a list of interesting, and unique locations that I want to play, its fun. The Spirit of Chicago etc. isn't on that list.

Mark Evans

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I've done several like that in the past 2 years.
Bride in NC - School
Groom in SC - Army
MOH in Baltimore - School
Wedding in Michigan - Family

Everything went great. Chris just keep on top of the emails and phone calls and it should work out well.

Ken Heath

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I've had a Marine Bride in Cherry Point NC...Groom's in Afghanistan...families split between Washington, California and Idaho with the wedding on the Air National Guard Base outside Boise on the 4th of July!

You did the right thing by suggesting to help them find a local DJ...I do that all the time.


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Have to agree the Navy Pier boat acess is really bad. I haven't done one in years, but I'm sure it hasn't improved. If it's the boat at the Columbia Yacht Club, that's 3 flights of stairs up. And not hotel stairs but gangway, narrow stairs.
If that's the case, he should have recommended a loco DJ! :wink:

We've got several islands in the area that are only accessible by boat. We don't even float the idea of playing there (pun intended).

It's not uncommon for me to work with brides and groom having a destination wedding. Probably 1/20th of them are not together due to careers.
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