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DJ Dave

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This new version looks like a winner and the speed is so much faster.
It's going to take some getting used to but I like it. :shock:


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Much quicker load times.

Hats off to Ryan and the rest of the crew. You deserve a pat on the back.

Can't wait to find all the other improvements.


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Yeah, it's much faster but I get a RUNTIME ERROR everytime I hit enter! It asks me if I would like to DE-BUG! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mad:


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I had a chance to preview a few weeks ago. Nice to see everyone agrees Ryan, Dwight and Terry have done an outstanding job and is being met with well deserved praise.

Chris Wagner

School Dance Moderator

Yes, there is a "Done, But With Errors" message in your browser right now.

I'm letting Ryan know here in Iowa as we speak.

I trust if you are getting a message to Debug, you are likely using IE6 and maybe even Windows XP.

To at least stop this annoying message, go to Tools, Internet Options, Advanced, and then click "Disable Script Debugging". This will clear up that message for the time (thanks Jim Weisz for the advice).


Bryan Durio

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I've just noticed a flicker of the error message Chris is talking about, but it doesn't prevent anything as far as I can tell.

I'm using IE5.5 and Win98.
Congrats !

Congrats to Ryan and the gang for all their hard work in bringing this site up to "speed"......sorry, no pun

Anyway, this seems to be real nice so far, and the speed is just wonderful.
Keep up the good work gang.

Music Express
Manchester, NH


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Excellent !!!
I'm using a mac iBook and it looks wonderful through IE 5.2
Haven't experienced any problems and can't wait to try everything out!


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Congrats Ryan! What a breeze to read the posts and go from one forum to another. You've got a winner!! :D


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speed is much better! AOL still sucks!! My computer is still a piece of junk!! But this site is much much better!! hehe

DJ Dr. Drax

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Did I tell you guys this site was going to be rockin faster? It really is the "promised land".

Glad that so many of you are enjoying it! Ryan, Dwight & the STaff deserve a big thank you.
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