WOW.. love the new look!!

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Where it says Check Your Messages, would be nice to see an indicator of New Messages.

Chris Moe

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At first, I switched back to the old style subSilver when I saw the glitches happening. I thought that maybe it would be less trouble to just stay with the old look.

Then, I noticed people weren't reporting any glitches. Thought that they had been taken care of. I started using the ProDJ skin again. Still some problems.

My thought process was what if Ryan and his dedicated team of programmers just don't know what the problems are. Ryan switched things around to most likely make it more attractive for newcomers and to us who have been here for a while. I'm sure he would like his programmers making sure he has a working and nice looking website. I also knew that this thread was being watched to correct problems.

I decided to stay with it and report any problems to them so they could fix them.

After all, if people don't know about the changes and things start to go wrong when they come here, then there might be some posters who might get frustated and quit trying to post here. They shouldn't have to have an unpleasant visit here due to some unforeseen circumstances, nor should Ryan have to check himself to see every little glitch that comes up to fix it.

I took it upon myself to check things out with the ProDJ style and see what went wrong to lend a helping hand to someone who was kind enough to let us into his "home" to share things with each other.

What can I say? I live by an old-fashion belief that everything that I do matters to someone else. In my mind, it was worth the effort.

I don't mind it at all.



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Interesting new look - although, look is not as important to me as function. (I'm an old fart.)

BTW, is anybody besides me (I'm using an old laptop with a 1024x768 desktop) having problems with the screen going into horizontal scroll mode? Threads like do this, even when there isn't anything that's wider than the screen. Does it do that whenever pics are posted? If so, take it away!

(Another one for my "You'd Think" list.) You'd think there would be some way for the program to autosize any posted pictures so they wouldn't do this ...

It's been a pet peeve of mine for a while, but it seems the new skin does it more often. The old one usually didn't do that unless there was a pic that actually was larger than the screen.

Also, the title block (where the thread title is) could stand to be a little smaller, vertically ...

OK, back to my cave now ... :roll:
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