WOW.. love the new look!!

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nextgen1 said:
taylorj74 said:
I see it was designed by ClubDJ Pro...I thought I recognized the look...very modern, very clean look.

***** 5 stars

(except for a small prob...the Global Announcements icon is not loading...showing a big red it me or is everyone getting it?)
Nice looking setup. But tell DJ Pro they should be working on answering there email. Putting there forum back online. And doing there promised upgrades. Sorry for the rant. But It would be nice to see there other projects worked on also.
How am I to tell them if they don't answer email? :lol:

I would like to hear the issues...I will start a thread over in New Millennium...I am thinking of getting ClubDJ Pro v2 (the reason I have been looking at their site)

Big E

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Looking good, guys.

For those of you too young to remember, this site used to be RED and boy did people ***** about that too.

Keep up the good work, Ryan and crew!!!

Dj Danny

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Looks good.. now when are you going to update the software itself? phpBB is at 2.0.21

If you haven't played around with the newest beta phpBB (code named Olymus) it's awesome. I have a test board setup on one of my domains. ... check it out.
Very nice!!!

My eyes are still adjusting . . . :shock:

Just another great way Ryan & Company are improving their products and our industry.

DJ ConXion

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At first I thought I had stumbled across the wrong site - then I was like... Wait... Woah.... New Skin. Great job gang!



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What change are you all talking about? Mine still looks the same. Is this some kind of late April fools joke?


Nice high-tech layout and look/feel.

Lack of contrast between the black text and grey background is tough on the eyes.

Besides that, I'm loving it.

Good job all!
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