Worst Wedding DJ Ever?

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I dunno, is this for real? lol

It is pretty disturbing.... and it does take the cake!

This gives a new take on bottom feeders :)
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DJ Dave

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Who knows he may have gotten over $1000 for his "performance". (not likely)

He kinda acted a little drunk to me. Just horrible and in very bad taste.


I saw the video yesterday and I just couldn't believe what he did! I hope that he goes out of business now!


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I wouldn't go so far to say that I hope he goes out of business....but I hope it's a reality check...and he takes steps to UP his game. And if he doesn't....THEN...I hope he goes out of business.

funny though...made my day.


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He said to have a "Slice of wine" I didn't realize that the first time lol

That lady must of been so drunk she passed out standing up... she had no reactions whatsoever!


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Ha ha... This video has gotten almost 800,000 hits in just one day! Yesterday morning it was about 88,000 views when I first saw it, and its at 871,000 already!!


wuz here when it was Red.
I don't know why your hacking on the poor guy..
Obviously his hands were sweaty and he needed to dry them off..

thank god he had his female roadie with him.. you DONT want to see what he does with his male roadie...
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