windows 8 op system

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dj Vecchio

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Hello every1
I hope I am in the right section for this question.
I am looking to buy another computer but they all seem to come with windows 8
I have heard bad things about the new op system
is any 1 using win 8 and what are your thought about it


DJ Vecchio

Steve Lynch

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It's been out long enough to accrue all the proper bug fixes.

It's fast, (Faster than windows xp or windows 7 for multimedia)

it's just a little bit different. once you learn the couple of little differences, you'll be just fine.

I run DMX, Vinyl Plotters, A CNC Machine, Lasers, Serato, Protools, Home automation, Print servers, and all sorts of heavy duty stuff that the average user does not do.

It all works fine in 8.

No sense in starting off with an outdated operating system.

People don't like change. This is a small change. don't listen to the curmudgeons who are still running windows xp because they can't keep up with the times. lol.

dj Vecchio

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hey steve
thanks for your input
My only concern was that some of the comment people
have left about windows 8 was mostly negative that's why I was asking.
If I might inquire, would you mind telling me what computer you are using? ( name brand)
along with some specs?
such as cpu, and memory

thanks a lot


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I don't have a problem with it running anything for my DJ biz. It did take a short while to get used to the basics. Its like Win 7 with another layer of software added for the touch screens. Once I unpinned all those "useless" icons and setup my own for DJ'ing only, it flies pretty goof.
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