Windows 10 Drivers ......

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I just decided to try one of my new gaming ASUS laptops in my DJ console and the one problem I've uncovered is that I have the old Gigaport AG external USB sound cards. Just found out the drivers WILL NOT install on Windows 10 and there are no available drivers on their website for this OS .... the latest they offer is Windows 8.1. I get an 0X0006 installation error.

Got a couple thing I am gonna try so I'll be in touch. Yes, I sent an email with the problem error to the support site ..... let's play wait 'n see!


Just use it with the windows drivers, The asio drivers have always caused problems anyway. I have been using one with windows 10 for months with no latency issues


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With Win10, the asio drivers seem to be an issue, regardless of device (in my case anyway).

The default system drivers seem to be stable with my HC2500, 6000MK2, and Gigaport.
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