WiFi Fax help needed.

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Ok, I'm cheap, I'll admit it.

I'd like to have a f/t fax machine, but I neither want to pay for one nor the phone line for it.
I'd settle for Fax On Demand. Here's what I do have...can a f/t fax machine be configured out of this?

  • HP 8500 + Printer (with f/t Fax capabilities & f/t WiFi on & enabled).
  • DSL/Wireless router (secured) = WiFi.
  • Laptop.
  • MagicJack (active).
  • Verizon Vox Mail with fax capabilities.
  • Gmail account.

Thanx! -Z-


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You may need some plutonium, a flux capacitor and some duct tape to make it all work.

When you say "full time fax", you mean like a fax machine that is always on and you can always receive faxes without having to plug in/turn on/reconfigure something?

If you have a computer in your house that is on 24/7, MagicJack may be your option. Computer [on the Internet] ---->MagicJack ----(phone cord)---> HP8500. Set HP8500 to "Answer on first ring".

I have a magicJack at home, will test when I have a chance. Unless you try it first. :)


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What on earth do you need a fax machine for, let alone a full-time fax?

If it's contracts, use a service like DocuSign that allows for electronic signatures. All 28 of my weddings for this year have booked using it. Literally the only paper I send out anymore is a thank you note. The only stuff I get is a thank you or a song request sheet.


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I have one, but it is a second line on my Vonage service.

Sadly, several of the school districts and some of the barter folks I work with still use a fax for darn near everything.


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What on earth do you need a fax machine for, let alone a full-time fax?

After thinking about what others have written, I don't need a f/t fax machine. That list is the BOMB! I'm going to go with Nextiva @ $4.95/month. They give you 500 pages per month, I doubt I'll use that in a whole year.

You guys never disappoint. -Z-
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Been using Ring Central for a while for sending and receiving faxes - also get a toll free # with follow me / single number reach on it. There mobile app is great too, so you can return phone calls using the toll free if you want.
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