Who's getting the new iPhone 4??

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Today is the official release date of the iPhone 4. Anyone here looking to upgrade/purchase it? I just got off the phone with AT&T about any plan changes, they confirmed that all data charges will stay the same (considering the video chatting feature).

Upgrade/New plan price: $200 for 16GB
$300 for 32GB

I can highly bet that they're all sold out today or limited now. But the thing looks phenomenal!


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I've no doubt that the iPhone is thee best mobile phone in the world. Unfortunately it's on the worst network (at least in my area) in the world. Until the iPhone is available on the Verizon network, it's the Droid (or iphone killer du jour) for me. -Z-

Steve Cie

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I don't know about the I phone being the best in the world.
I got the EVO 4 G three weeks ago and it rocks!

All of the Droid Apps, lightning fast speed, ( 4 G) , it is simply amazing what this "Phone" can do. It's like having a small computer in your pocket!


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No thanks. Dropped AT&T (and iPhone last summer) because of their horrible coverage and service (even in Boston!). I switched to a Palm Pre on Sprint.

The iPhone certainly is great for all of the excellent applications that are available for it, but there are other highly capable phones that can do certain things better than the iPhone can.

Would I get an iPhone if it were available on Sprint or Verizon? Yes sir (if the plan wasn't too ridiculously priced).
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