Who do you admire? Who inspires you?

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Somewhere On Hoth
Well I was thinking about this after posting a recent response to Randy Bartlett (who I do respect).
In the DJ industry tell us who inspires you? Who do you admire? Why?

Of course I will start.
Ray Martinez - I have met very few people with as much class, who want nothing more than helping not only himself, but every DJ.
Eric B (And Rakim) - Eric B's beats are one of the first things that drew me to wanting to pick up vinyl and throw it on a turntable.
Jason Jani - His business model is EXACTLY what I am want to achieve. The Wedding boutique that can deliver what no one else can.
Marcello - Always classy in eveything he does, and very down to earth.
Byron Gunter - Yes I know, he is someone who speaks his mind, he sparks discussion, and really nothing bad can happen from civil discussion.
Mark Ferrell - I never met him, I never spoke with him, I never saw his seminars. But, I do know that many people are on either side of the fence, they either love him or hate him, but in the years since he started the worth movement. He has sparked many discussions both for and against the worth movement, and I believe that overall he has helped the industry by helping people think about what they charge, and good or bad had many DJ's adjust their rates.

I believe that in the long run people like these above will only help our industry grow, but only if people are willing to listen with an open mind. Of course it is within your rights to agree or disagree with these men, but be sure to listen to them. You just may come away a better DJ, and a better person by doing so.

You may or may not know these guys, but they are who inspire me to get better everyday.


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Wow. great question.

For me, it depends on the area of expertise I've a need in.

Karaoke -Skid Rowe and Mad Joe. Anytime I've ever needed advice, help, honest critique and a sanity check they were there.

Gear - Bob Dietrich, and Bill Cronheim, both innovative and brilliant.

The DJ biz-elevating my game: I've always admired Randy Bartlett, Peter Merry and Mark Ferrell, who've all provided products that made me better.

Bill Goode - Anytime I've ever had an ethical concern, this is THE MAN for right and wrong, and a damn fine wedding DJ.

Ryan Burger- for making this all possible via the Internet, being my friend, and giving me one of the neatest jobs in the world.

Ken Heath and Mark Evans - I couldnt ask for two finer friends who've supported me in good and bad times.

Paul Beardmore - the original DJU Dean, the man who published me many times when I heeded the call to contribute.

Eldon Big E - for making me laugh, and knowing when to insert his wry brand of humor into a subject.


Somewhere On Hoth
Great post Bill,
Exactly what I was looking for. I am hoping that some of these people read this thread, and realize just how much they are appreciated by their peers. Without people in this industry to admire, we would not keep pushing the envelope.
Kind of like Baseball players have Ruth, Mantle, Robinson, Aaron. Like musicians have the Beatles, Hendrix, Elvis. There are people who elevate their profession to another level, and inspire others to take it even higher.
Bill Hermann - The man who hopefully will be the Master of Ceremonies for my daughter's wedding someday. He knows more about staging, performing and capturing an audience than anyone I've ever met. I'm thankful to be taking his workshop in a few weeks.

Austin Beaver - A man who just exudes class. His marketing prowess is only passed by his open mind and business acumen to always stay at the top of his game.

Mark Ferrell - Another mentor of mine who has been game changing for our industry. Proud to call him friend.

Marcello Pedalino - Marcello inspires me to always be greater in all aspects of my business.

Jim Cerone - For his quiet confidence in business and handling both internal and external clients.

Randy Bartlett - for all of his sales knowledge, wit and performance skills and for being willing to share.

Peter Merry - for changing the expectations of brides everywhere and providing me with the platform to take my business to another level.


Funny, hardly any of those gentlemen post here with the exception of Randy.

Chuck Amstone

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There are a lot of guys that stand in my forefront.

In no particular order....

Bill Hermann
Randy Bartlett
Mark Farrell
Mike Walter
Peter ?? :)
Mike B
Ryan - Not Seacrest


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Steve Lynch: His technical mastery is only rivaled by his business instincts. He let's his actions and results do the talking for him. He's a generous guy with his broad expertise and at the end of the day...rather than be bitter about how hard he works, he is grateful and charitable, giving to the poor and unfortunate. I love DJing, I'll likely only stop 5 mins after I'm dead, but due to my other passions and profession, I'll never be a full timer. If I was, I'd try to hit it as hard as Steve does. For me, he's the benchmark..and has been a good friend.

Bill Smith: Bill has the infectious charm of an old southern preacher...as well as the character and values too. He is a friend to anyone who needs one and always has something positive to add to any situation. I love his commitment to family and that one of his proudest accomplishments is that his DJ/KJing allowed his kids to attend and graduate college without the burden of student loans. If character was cash, this guy would be Warren Buffet.

Tim English: Another business genius here. Tim seemingly can make Google wake him up in the morning with breakfast already made for him. Tim can leverage any & every technology to give him the most unfair advantage possible...and as they say in business, if it's a fair fight, your tactics suck. Tim doesn't pop in here as much as others, which is probably good for him, but I'd like to read more of what he has to say & share.

DJ Dave: A fellow DJ & Healthcare Professional. Dave is a tad outside the medium age of the average med school student, yet with the blessings & responsibility of family, he's still out there rockin it in med school and on the 1's & 2's. Mad props to him!!!

Johnny Dee: What an inspiration this guy is. He's another crushing leader in the field. He's gotten a stranglehold on what is arguably one of the wealthiest, most elite areas in the country and he just macks it like no one else. Yes he wouldn't be where he is without hard work, but he also wouldn't be there without brains, experience, & vision. When I get my AARP card, I hope I'm still rocking like Johnny Dee!!!!

It's 2:30am and I need to go back to bed...I got up for a 2:00AM feeding. As such, this is only a patial list. More to come. -Z-
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Mark K. Ferrell

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Thanks for the mentions, guys.

Here's the funny part:
YOU are my inspiration.

Without your encouragement, yearning, striving, asking, prodding - but mostly - your honest and earnest desire to grow with open minded willingness to see other possibilities, there's no way that I could be inspired enough to continue working at this.

Without your inspiration, I am nothing. You give the greatest of human gifts - you give me purpose and humility.

I am very grateful.

Ken Heath

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Thanks for the mention, Bill... ;)

I'm recalcitrant to publish a list only because I know I've learned so much from so many that I will certainly and inadvertantly leave out some very important names... but I can definitely say:

Scott Faver!


I will agree:
Steve Lynch
then I am actually looking for a mentor here in the phoenix valley. if anyone wants to give a brother a hand
There are so many within this industry whom I admire and respect. Like Ken mentioned, it is difficult to name them all. But I'd like to utilize my time here to list a few whom I don't often say "thank you" to enough.

Dick Clark - Obviously not associated with the "mobile" industry, but the DJ industry none-the-less. He is easily my greatest inspiration. He is a mentor, role model and someone I try to emulate through my passion to help others. Best of all, he is a dear friend.

Mark Ferrell - Mark is responsible for giving me the greatest gift I have ever received from any educator in this industry - that I can move people to feel emotion through the way I deliver a message! I have always had a great voice, but I honestly never considered the fact that I can move them to tears and seconds later, make them laugh, sigh and cheer. It's all made possible by intense vocal training. Mark is a gifted educator that single-handedly took my vocal delivery from "good" to "remarkable!" I cannot tell you how "blown away" I was by his kind gesture when he mentioned me from the stage during his seminar in Las Vegas.

Peter Merry - Many don't know that Peter and I really started off on the wrong foot. Thankfully, we got over that and what I found was a very compassionate individual who has a heart as big as his personality. As a fellow book author, I often look to him (and ask him) for guidance. He has always taken time out for me. Never afraid to tell me where I need to improve and the first person standing in line to help me get it done.

Scott Faver - Easily, the most giving person I have ever met in this industry. Anyone who has ever spent time with Scott, knows what I'm talking about. A man who is not driven in the least by money. He is driven by his passion for helping others and never asks for anything in return. Talk about inspiration. He inspires me to do the same.

Randy Bartlett - He has been getting better at returning my calls. lol Seriously though, Randy is a brilliant educator and extremely analytical. He can observe you and instantly offer critque for improvement on the spot. And when he does - it's dead on! He's a straight shooter and tells it like it is. If you don't want to hear the truth, don't ask Randy!

Jim Cerone - Thank goodness this industry has Jim. Without him, there would be plenty of "Imperfect Hosts". I cannot imagine the mess this industry would be in without his message of guidance and appropriate presentation. He is the epitomy of composure.

Bill Hermann - Most only know him as the happy jovial guy we see at DJ conferences. But I have seen many DJs over the years. Many who call themselves a Master of Ceremonies. Bill is quite simply the best I have ever seen! I have never seen anyone in this industry so comfortable with a microphone in front of an audience. If you ever have the pleasure - STUDY HIM!!! Learn everything you can from this man. He is the most naturally gifted Master of Ceremonies I have ever seen!

Like Ken had said earlier, there are so many in our industry who offer inspiration. There are many dear friends like; Robbie Britton, Dr. Drax, Mitch Taylor, Ryan Burger, Mike B, Jeremy Miller, Charles Snyder and others who inspire me daily to be better.

I often gravitate to those who educate, write and mentor others. I appreciate any and all who step up to make this a better profession. I appreciate all those who take on the responsibility of a leadership position in groups and organizations and those who simply help one another - either through a chat board or a phone call. To me, inspiration can come from someone who has devoted themselves to a lifetime of service and helping others - or it can come from something as simple as a statement, meant to uplift someone when they need it most.
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Randy Bartlett

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I'm going to try to do this without mentioning anyone previously listed. Some of the more well known names are pretty obvious and I agree with almost all of what has been written.

Mike Walter - One of the fairest, most grounded, intelligent people I know, in or out of the business. We've spoken on every subject from literature to sports to business to religion and I always learn something from him. Most of all, he's the most balanced guy I know, an area where I'm really lacking.

John Rozz - The first time I saw Rozz, I didn't "get" him. It took me a little while to understand what he really brings to the table, and there is no one more passionate about our business, from the entertainment side, business side and music side.

Mike Buonoccorrso - And I still don't think I've ever spelled it right. Talk about thick skin. To hear the number of people who second guess him at every turn and for him to be able to laugh it off, is amazing. He's gone through more ups and downs than just about anyone I know, and he and his wife Debbie raised two awesome sons.

John Young - Put it all on the line to try to bring information to the masses. Risked a lot, personally, for very little potential reward.

Jorge Lopez - Runs an actual business. Hard working family man.

Really, I could do this all day. I respect just about everyone who has integrity, who shows respect to others and who is simpy courteous and friendly. That shouldn't be hard.

BTW, thank you to those who mentioned me. I'm honored, even by Larry, with his back handed compliments. Larry, I'm shocked! I've never given you any criticism, have I. :D
BTW, thank you to those who mentioned me. I'm honored, even by Larry, with his back handed compliments. Larry, I'm shocked! I've never given you any criticism, have I. :D
I'll never forget what you said to me after my first seminar at Mobile Beat '07 - "why am I looking at you on a screen for 7 minutes telling me a story?" For the record, I never ran that clip again! :)
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Randy Bartlett

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I'll never forget what you said to me after my first seminar at Mobile Beat '07 - "why am I looking at you on a screen for 7 minutes telling me a story?" For the record, I never ran that clip again! :)
LOL. Context, my friend. Here's how I remember it.

Larry: Hey, Randy - I wanted to get your input on my seminar.

Randy: Great job.

Larry: But I really want your honest opinion.

Randy: Are you sure? Be careful what you ask for.

Larrry: No, I know you've done a lot of these, blah, blah, blah, I really want the truth...

Randy: Explain to me the purpose of watching you stand next to a screen where you're staring into a camera telling a story that you could have told live right there?

Larry: I thought it would be more interesting.

Randy: You were wrong. Why am I looking at you on a screen for 7 minutes telling me a story when you're standing right there.

Larry: Thank you sir. May I have another.

Randy: You can't HANDLE the truth.

I like to think I'm being gentle, but one of the WEDGuild members, who had the misfortune of having me on his review committee later nicknamed me "Vlad the Impaler."

Do you think it could be me? GASP!


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Mark Ferrell - One of the most genuine and sincere individuals I've ever met. A man of character and purpose.

Randy Bartlett - Another genuine guy. Someone I enjoy "special" time with in Vegas (and I'll not go into more details). He's one of the smartest guys in the room.

Jim Cerone - Mr. Class. Mr. Music. Mr. Kindness 'nuff said

Mitch Taylor - A guy who is inspiring and always aspiring for improvement. Kind to a fault.

Bill Hermann - (So I've got a thing for nice guys). He's Mr. Talent. I've never seen anyone that can work a room like Bill. (Shameless plug - go to his workshop!!!)

And just to keep from spending an hour detailing here's a list of others I have great respect for:
Brian Harris, Brian Graham, Steve Lynch, Jeremy Jones, Mike Walter, Marcello, Mike Anderson(s), Scott Faver, Drax, Larry Williams, Ben Stowe, Robbie Britton, and I've probably left out a few, but those are all high on my respect list.


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First and foremost, Charlie Brock (whom I know, no one here may know) who unfortunately passed away back in 2002. He was my mentor when I first started my company, and gave me some very sound advice about running a business. He said, above all else, keep things ethical. Also, he told me I had to check out this guy named, Mark Ferrell. Charlie is still missed by me, even to this day.

Mark Ferrell, who helped me get my business to that next level everyone was talking about. He was always willing to help those who asked.

Randy Bartlett, whom I've had the pleasure of having lunch with during his skinny days and not-so-skinny days. Let's just say that you are what you eat. He was/is very instrumental in getting me to really look at my performances, and to honestly look at ways to improve, and that good is the enemy of great.

Peter Merry, who has been an inspiration because of where he's come from to where he is at, today. He has shown me that with hard work and persaverance, we can achieve great things.

Larry Williams, who just proves that good guys really can finish first. And, that of course, the customer is the heart and soul of what we do.

Mad Joe Martin, who befriended me in Vegas more than a few years ago. He was kind enough to send me a book, written long before any of us (except Joe, of course) even remotely thought of this business as legitimate. That book, although very basic, allowed me to know how far we have come. His untiring energy has been an influence on me, and his friendship I will cherish the rest of my life.

To all, I say thank you. If I could only achieve a tenth of what you all have accomplished, I will have lived a very full and happy life.


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Randy Boyer.
If you don't know who is is, check out Randy Boyer.com

He just started a record label with Darude.

A very good electronic music producer and DJ who travels the world.

I started deejaying and remixing because of him. I was fortunate to work in the same bar as him when he first started out.
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