Which Powered Sub: QSC KSub vs. JBL Eon518S

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Hi everyone,

I've slowly been getting rid of my passive system, and am currently going into a powered system. My dilemma is that i live on the second floor of my apartment complex, and the load in and out between the apartment, 2 flights of stairs, and a parking lot does not make it easy at all. I'm looking to lighten up my load, so far I purchased a pair of QSC K10s, was looking to getting the KSub but if I'm going to make a purchase on a powered sub, I want a sub with a decent amount of oomph, but lightweight so its easy to transport up and down my stairs. I was looking at the JBL Eon518S, an 18" sub and is pretty lightweight, which seems to have a lower frequency than the KSub. Unfortunately it looks like the KSub has more power than the JBL Eon, there is always a trade off! I'm looking to get one sub for now since I do mostly weddings and small parties.

Looking for everyone's opinions and suggestions! Thank you! :)
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I own the Eon518s. Great lightweight sub... I can even hold it with 1 hand! I don't think you can say that about any other powered 18" sub.

I just did a search on reviews on the QSC KSub, and it seems that JBL would be the winner. Its said that the QSC doesn't hit the Lows that DJs like, that 18" subs can hit.

And the Eon 518s really hits nicely.

About the QSC: http://acapella.harmony-central.com/showthread.php?t=2469337


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Comparing the KSub against the Eon518S is like apples and oranges. The Ksub has a 12" driver. The EON has an 18" driver-- more frequency range. Of course, you'll feel more bass out of the EON.


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Hi Joe,

I was able to demo out both at Guitar Center the other night, I honestly thought (by the size of their demo room), both had pretty good low end. Obviously the Eon offers a lower frequency, but in that room you can hardly tell a difference. I'm going by weight, the KSub was easier to handle and felt lighter. The Eon was wider, even though it was lighter, it was a bit of a pain to handle. It'd be a PITA to haul up my stairs.


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Marco, Marco, Marco, my fellow Nutmeg state DJ,
You're humping gear up and down 2 flights of stairs? God bless you...and your back. I don't know how much you work...from your posts you seem to have excellent knowledge so I'm going to assume you work a lot. Why not pay a few bucks a month for a self storage place for your gear? http://www.google.com/search?q=east+haven%2C+ct+self+storage&rls=com.microsoft:en-us:IE-SearchBox&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&sourceid=ie7&rlz=1I7ADRA_en

As much as I don't like to have my gear any further away from me than necessary, when I lived in a high-rise in Stamford...with elevators, I eventually had to go the self-storage route. It did cost a few bucks a month, but in the end it was well worth it. I hate to so say this but If you're humping gear up & down 2 flights of stairs on a regular basis it's likely only a matter of time until you zig when you should've zaged and boom, back trouble! I wouldn't wish that on my worse enemy.

Anywaze, as far as the subs, I'd ask Bill from ESC as I've heard him caution about mixing brands of tops and subs. In some cases it''s cool, in some it's not. He knows what makes the difference. Good luck! -Z-
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Gotta agree with Steve about a storage facility. Whichever subs you finally purchase, be sure they come with, or have the option to purchase, casters. They make your life so much easier. Putting every piece of equipment I own in a case or rack with casters was the best investment I've made in awhile.

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I have used the off-site storage in the past, and I never had any problems...especially if I got a ground-floor unit facing out...pull right up and do my thang!

Make sure you ask about 24-hour access...most don't have it as a rule, but many will make an exception for a business purpose. DJ's generally need to be allowed access to put their tools away after a late night event...mom & pop don't usually need to get to the box of family photos at 2am!

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I bought the KSubs with the matching K12's last week based exactly on what you've said - The KSubs are EASY to handle, they've got a small foot print, and they're relatively light.

But they are a double 12" sub. You won't get the frequency response out of these that you would an 18" sub. I don't do much other than weddings, so I don't need a real chest thumping system - but I can feel the thump out of these when I turn them up in my basement.

In any case, this was a fantastic upgrade for me from my 10+ year old pair of Mackie SRM450s.


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Thanks for everyone's input. As far as working, I don't work as much as I want, since I work for a multi-op. (this year hasn't been too busy so far). So off-site storage would be out of the question.

But what was funny one night when I got home from a gig, I started unloading at 1AM (since our apartment complex is composed of about 1000 tenants) I don't trust my equipment in my car overnight, so I always unload when I get home. The top of our stairs has big metal bars in front of the main windows. I was bringing my sub (which weighs about 90lbs) up the stairs, I swung the sub to turn and hit the metals bars. BANG! the loudest bang you'll ever hear at 1 AM...i made sure i rushed into the apartment after that lol.

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Marco, Marco, Marco, my fellow Nutmeg state DJ,
You're humping gear up and down 2 flights of stairs? God bless you!
Why not pay a few bucks a month for a self storage place for your gear?

Let me add from REAL EXPERIENCE........

After about 10 trips up 2 flights of stairs, your gear is going to get dinged up so bad that after 6 months, you'll be crying for new stuff.

TRUST ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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