where to buy UV Bubble juice? Hey, Arnoldo!?

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Just got notified that this coming Friday's school dance will be a black light party. My wife suggested I do black light bubbles (yes, I show her your guys' vLogs), and while I have machines and regular bubble juice, I'm having a hard time finding UV bubble juice. The only one I found (from Tekno bubbles) has notes in the reviews about stains and that's not gonna cut it.

Any suggestions for where and what brand black light bubble juice I should buy?


I'm pretty sure tekno bubbles is the only show in town, they have it patented. I've been using it for years. Never noticed any stains, except of course if you put the clothing under blacklights, lol.


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Arnoldo -
I've actually had a local DJ sued for staining a white wedding gown using "black light glow bubbles" during her reception. She didn't request them, she just wanted bubbles but our DJ thought it would be "kewl" because he could use black lights to not only highlight her gown but the bubbles too! He didn't make much that day.
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