What's Your End Game?

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This is partially inspired from post on the Hurricane Byron thread...about different jocks being willing to work for X amount of dollars per gig at a certain age. At some point we are all going to get old-er. Our ability to do what we do today may not be what we were once are able to do, especially at the same rate, frequency and intensity. Depending on your "End Game" this may negatively impact your income...although admittedly, your needs may change too.

Some here have an awesome plan, Cap most notably. I've spoken in detail with Cap about his plan and he working it to the exact opposite of Byron's model. He has decreased availability which has caused an increase in demand and along with that, he is able to set premium prices (not that his prices were ever bargain basement). I've never spoken with Lynch about his end game per se', but he's already operating in business ventures in addition to & outside of, the direct performance business. Johnny Dee is still working his heiny off, but in tandem with his son.

So I ask you, since we're all getting older, what's your End Game?


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One option is to find someone who can be my DJ, and I continue to MC. As I get older, it means I could leave as early as 10pm and not necessarily have to worry about the gear. Of course, it would be a cut in pay....


Beginning with the end (game) in mind (yes a little S. Covey) I eliminated debt and started a few self directed IRA's. After 20 years plus in this biz, I am proud to say it worked. At this writing, (not a boast) I can stop picking up the phone any time I want to. PAY YOUR SELF FIRST!!!!
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