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The re-union thread got me to thinking about the 1st concert (rock) I ever attended.

What was yours?
How old were you?
Who'd you go with?
How great was it?
Any memoires still with you today?
How many times have you seen the group/band/performer since then?
Did it have an influence on you becoming a DJ?

Whatever you want to share! Let's hear it!

A day I'll never forget: January 28th, 1979. It was a Saturday. My Dad took me to see KISS at New Haven Coliseum. I don't think getting my driver's license, my 1st car, or my 1st...well,... very few things could match how cool that night was to an 8th grader. And how cool was my Dad for taking me?-Z-


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You'll never believe this, but my first concert was Sha-Na-Na, Grass Roots, Tommy James & The Shondells, and headliner Blood, Sweat & Tears. The concert was one of those all day ones at Tiger Stadium in 1969. It was quite the concert.

The best concert was Alice Cooper's Welcome to My Nightmare concert in 1974.

I was about 14 and my older brother came by late in the day to take me to a filming of Don Kirschner's Rock Concert at the old (and long torn down) Long Beach Auditorium, in Southern California. This must have been around 1973 or 1974.

The headlining band was . . . The Edgar Winter Group (featuring Rick Derringer). They were awesome! I was a fan and already had a couple of their albums.

The opening act was this brand new band I never heard of. They were making their American TV debut. Their name was . . . Bad Company!

Fast Forward to 1995. As a radio DJ, I had the opportunity to interview Edgar Winter. He is a wonderful man. Just as humble, appreciative and genuine as you can imagine. A real class act. We had a great conversation that found us reminising about all kinds of classic rock (and blues) related events (and artists) of the 70's.

Other early concerts of the mid 70's that I was fortunate enough to enjoy, included: Elvis Presley, Black Sabbath, Lynryd Skynryd, KISS (on their very first tour) & Queen. I also saw one of the very first solo concerts of Sammy Hagar (right after he left the group Montrose). One of my favorite memories was when the group SWEET brought Richie Blackmore on stage to jam on their encore.

Ahhhh . . . the memories!!! :D


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First real concert was Blue Murder,Krokus and Def Leppard. Def Leppard was good but Krokus really rocked hard and stole the show. Wow thanks for posting that question. Those were some good times.

Ken Heath

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California World Music Festival...a two-day event held outdoors at the Colliseum in Los Angeles.

It was the second day of the "California World Music Festival" in April of 1979...

Hosted by Cheech & Chong

Started off the afternoon with:

Mother's Finest
Eddie Money
Boomtown Rats
April Wine
Van Halen

Van Halen was on their second "World Tour" during this concert and Aerosmith was battling their way back from their first big rehab...Aerosmith was 45 minutes late because they refused to follow VH after seeing VH perform! They had to be threatened with lawsuits before they would come out...a guy next to me said that he'd seen them before and this night was the best he'd ever seen! They ROCKED!

I spent the day in a writhing crowd about 10 to 30 feet from the stage at any given time...

I took the T-shirt to a book signing by Ted Nugent a couple years ago and got his autograph on it, (he is pictured on the front of the shirt stepping out over the globe)...he mentioned how it had been a long time ago!


btw, all things old are new again...here's a little something from 2005...
OMG . . .

Ken, I also attended day # 2. Now this is wierd. Tell me if you remember this. It was a beautiful day that got really cold at night. During Van Halen's set, there was a fire that got started in the stands. If you were standing on the stage and looking out, it was in the bleachers about half way back to the left. They actually stopped the show . . . David Lee Roth made a comment about it from the stage . . . and the stadium lights came on.

Do you remember that?

This was started about 3 or 4 rows above us. We were all freezing our butts off up there and some geniuses started a bon fire. We were all warm for a little while . . . until security swarmed the place with fire extinquishers.

WOW . . . that was an awesome concert! :D


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What was yours?

KISS in 1977 in Buffalo, NY

How old were you?

17. I was a senior in high school.

Who'd you go with?

A few friends from school. Their mother and her husband drove us.

How great was it?

They didn't label themselves "The Hottest Band in the World" for nothing!!! Absolutely fantastic even though I couldn't hear for a week later.

Any memoires still with you today?

I can still remember all the stage antics, firepots, and more. I also remember this funny smelling stuff that people were smoking near me. I was wondering why I was feeling dizzy. I didn't know it at the time, but they were smoking weed.

How many times have you seen the group/band/performer since then?

8...and I'm waiting for the Alive at 35 show to hit the states!!!

Did it have an influence on you becoming a DJ?

Yes!!! I was born to Rock and Roll All Night!!! Now, if I could only wear makeup without scaring the wedding guests...

Ken Heath

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I didn't hear about a fire in the stands that I can recall, but I do remember waiting an awfully long time before there was more music at one point.

Did you see a giant column of flame up near the stage during VH? I was standing right next to the guy...he places a butane refill cartridge into the filter of his cigarette and pushed down on it sending the compressed butane through the cherry...made about an eight-foot flame!!!
(DO NOT try this at home kids...this was a professional drunk a-hole in an uncontrolled environment....ahh, the 70's!)



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Emerson, Lake and Palmer. About 1977. I think it was at the Chicago Amphitheater, now gone. I don't remember much about it. I think I saw Santana that year also. I was pretty stoned most of the time.


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What was yours? Hootie & The Blowfish and Spin Doctors
How old were you? 18
Who'd you go with? a bunch of buddies
How great was it? a great time picking up chicks
Any memoires still with you today? none
How many times have you seen the group/band/performer since then? none
Did it have an influence on you becoming a DJ? Nope

DJ Steve-O

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What was yours?
In 1987, it was T-N-T, Great White & Twisted Sister on the Love is for Suckers tour.

How old were you? So I guess that made me about 15.

Who'd you go with? My best friend, Johnny Bones.

How great was it? He is a quick breakdown. T-N-T: very cool. Great White: SUCKED!! (this was just before "Twice Shy" came out). And Twisted Sister: Beyond Awesome!!

Any memoires still with you today? Being my first concert and it was a general admission show, we ended up right against the retaining wall about two feet from the stage, right in front of the biggest speakers that I had ever seen (at the time). Twisted Sister opened up with "Tonight". I remember the bass player running around the stage with a huge sword, and Dee commenting something about He-Man. We did not bring ear plugs, so I remember that annoying ringing in my ears for a few days.

How many times have you seen the group/band/performer since then? I don't think that I have seen any of them since then. I had a chance to see Twisted Sister for free here in Charlotte during Speed Street, but just did not want to be in the pouring rain and freezing (yeh, i was being a wus!)

Did it have an influence on you becoming a DJ? I think that it had a huge influence on me getting into music period. I started singing in a band just a few weeks after that.

Bryan Durio

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What was yours?

ZZ Top with Point Blank opening the show in March, 1976

How old were you?


Who'd you go with?

The drummer in my jam band. His parents drove us there in their RV.

How great was it?

Absolutely fantastic! ZZ Top was on their Tejas tour, if I remember correctly. I had never heard of Point Blank, but they kicked major Southern Rock butt.

Any memoires still with you today?

I haven't written a memoire [sic] yet!

How many times have you seen the group/band/performer since then?

Probably 3 or 4 times more, until they lost their edge in the early 80s.

Did it have an influence on you becoming a DJ?



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What was yours? Bruce Springsteen December 31st 1980

How old were you? 13 1/2

Who'd you go with? My older brother took me

How great was it? Didnt realize at the time how awesome Bruce's shows are. It was my first concert so I guess I thought this was standard fair. Boy was I wrong. Bruce played right up till midnight and if I remember he was doing Twist and Shout when they interupted him to do a countdown. WOW! What a way to usher in a year.

Any memoires still with you today? Besides what I just listed it was also the first time I smoked pot. My older brother offered and who was I to say No.

How many times have you seen the group/band/performer since then? Only one other time. Ironically Im not actually a huge Bruce fan. But his live show is incredible.

Did it have an influence on you becoming a DJ? Not at all.

I found a clip on Youtube that says it's from that show. Who knows, can't say I recall:


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What was yours (first concert)? Lawrence Welk Show
How old were you? 8 or 10
Who'd you go with? Parents (Dad took tickets as a volunteer)
How great was it? One word: Anacani
Any memoires still with you today? Same word: Anacani
How many times have you seen the group/band/performer since then? Just the once.
Did it have an influence on you becoming a DJ? No.

First real concert:
- Joan Jett
- 16
- Best friend, front row.
- Totally new experience as a kid from the Dakotas
- She sweat on me, and I swore I'd never shower again. Plus I got her guitar pick.
- Only once.
- Not to become, but is in my events.


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The Doobie Brothers 1979, One Step Closer Tour
I was 9 and my parents took me. My dad is a real rocker and played organ/keyboard in several rock bands during the 60's & 70's. Been to see a bunch of concerts with him since.
It was a great show! I had never heard so many people sing together like that before. They rocked the 18,000 people there. I remember Patrick Simmons, lead guitar player, running through the crowed playing and getting the crowed going. It was not gerneral admission so he had isles to run down. He stopped right in front of me a jammed out! Too cool!
Been to see them twice since and was able to go backstage and meet them since my dad is a member of their fan club. They were super nice! Great experience.
Did not influence me to be a DJ but I still think about that show when I get a bunch of people singing at a show. I get the same rush I did when I was 9.

The Doobies rock and should be in the Rock Hall of Fame!


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Awesome memory & share. have your heard and/or play the very respectful to the original dance remix of Long train Runnin'? I'm a purist when it comes to dance remixes of such hallowed classics. Dude, it ROCKS!


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I have heard several Doobie remixes over the years, Listen to the Music comes to mind, but never heard that song. I will try to hunt it down.


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What was yours?

Mae, OK Go, and The Fray last June in Indy

How old were you?

24 (close your mouths. I know, I know) :oops:

Who'd you go with?

My fiance, Eddie and Jon Bruce

How great was it?

It was fantastic. One of the most incredible days of my life. Due in large part to the fact that Eddie and I drove two hours up to Indy and had lunch with Jim Cerone and Jon which was awesome because we don't get to spend much time with either of them at all. Jim is one of the most incredibly sincere people in the world and Jon... well you'll hear about Jon in a minute.

While at lunch Jon mentioned that he might stop by the concert and hang out with us for a while. Being quite naive I didn't think it was possible since the concert was starting in less than three hours and it was sold out. I was positive Jon wasn't coming but I set my phone to buzz and was waiting for a call. Sure enough less than two hours later Jon is calling saying "I'm here in the concert, come and get me, show me where you're sitting" Eddie was in Heaven having a male friend there and I was in Heaven listening to my favorite band.

Any memories still with you today?

Jon Bruce pulling me to practically the front row of the concert in time to hear the last song and my favorite song ever. we were so close we could see the vein in Issac's head sticking out as he sung. When Eddie and I get married this is the song I will walk down the aisle to. "Look After You" After the song was over, so was the concert and the band started taking Polaroids of themselves and throwing them out in the crowd. Imagine my delight and awe when Jon jumped up with the grace of a jungle cat and grabbed one that turned out to be a picture of the two main songwriters in the band Issac Slade (Lead singer and piano) and Joe King (guitar and vocals). I, of course, still have the picture. Jon Bruce is.....well he's just an amazing human being and a great friend.

How many times have you seen the group/band/performer since then?

None and I haven't been to another concert since. Nothing could ever be as great as that whole experience was and I'm not one for live music usually.

Did it have an influence on you becoming a DJ?

Nope. This was 5 years after I became a DJ, but they did give me some good ideas for performance. Always good to pick that type of stuff up.


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What was yours? My first concert was a double event, Joe C0cker and Stephen Stills.

How old were you? I was 18.
Who'd you go with? I went with a girl I worked with at the time.

How great was it? I loved stephen stills, his guitar and vocal work was awesome. Joe C0cker drifted out on stage, sang part of a song, barfed, fell down in his own barf, and was carried off the stage. End of show.

Any memories still with you today? Seeing red over paying 25 bucks(big in 1974 and getting a dead drunk o nthe stage.

How many times have you seen the group/band/performer since then? ZERO!!

Did it have an influence on you becoming a DJ? No directly. I don't play Joe C0cker to this day though.
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