What song do you use for your soundcheck

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So after you have finished setting up do you do a soundcheck? If so what songs do you normally used.

I have in the past used a classical song to check the high end and a hip hop song to check the lows.


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after i eq the mics and get rid of feedback.

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The Lows are very intense on my system.
I usually just RTA the room with my Driverack, then just go into music suited for the event. Then I just adjust it as I go before the event starts while playing background music.

I somewhat disagree of your sound checking ways, but with a valid reason. If you were DJ'ing my wedding I wouldnt want some Rap/Hip Hop playing as you were setting up. To me that would be distracting for me and my guests. However, a teen dance wouldnt have a problem with it. Most DJ's can listen closely enough to adjust their EQ accordingly as the night goes on. If your simply checking if all speakers are working then yeah play sumthin, but make sure its appropriate for the event.

Again, don't take it personally, its just my opinion.



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I would agree with you if I am setting up when guests are present. I normally try to arrive at least 90 minutes before the first guest is scheduled to arrive. This gives me plenty of time to set-up, do a quick sound check, get changed and have appropriate back ground music playing before the first guest normally arrives.

If guests are present, I would handle the situation differently and not do a complete sound check. My complete version involves walking around the room while playing dance style music at a level just above where I expect people to actually dance to. This helps to ensure that I do not get any distortion on the dance floor. Yes, I do adjust as the night goes on, but since I am normally set up behind the speakers, it doesn't hurt to do a check before the first guest arrives.

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Ok, that helps me, I think your doing it just as anyone would do. I personally hate setting up when guests are present. You always seem to get that i'm not watching you look from everyone. But then again it gives you a chance to interact with everyone as my guests tend to come up and chat. I take back my previous comments as I think what you is great and the same thing as I do, except I wheel around not walk around....Hehe.

My sound check music varies. Whatever I feel like and what fits the occasion.

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Personally, I love to listen to a song from the first ever digitally recorded album. (please correct me if I am wrong) Dire Straights "Money for Nothin'"

Excellent imaging and full range of sound. From low bass hits, and crisp highs.



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Personally, I love to listen to a song from the first ever digitally recorded album. (please correct me if I am wrong) Dire Straights "Money for Nothin'"
I used this for testing car systems when i installed them, very good listening for systems.


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Money for nothin is pretty good although it doesn't really go that low or that high...it's just a nice song with smooth sound!

My favorite test track at the moment is actually the intro track to outkast's speakerboxx...it's about a minute and a bit long and has HUGE bass and really crisp clean high's, awesome sounding especially when the first bass hits and your legs go weak heh

I've also used broken bones by love inc ... but I'll use other tracks too if it's not suitable for the venue.

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I use Kissing A Fool by George Micheal...very acoustic song...if this song sounds correct and natural, then anything electronic will sound fine.

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If it is a wedding reception, we use the B & G's first dance tune. Granted I agree with SiliconDJ about setting up 90+ minutes before the start of the event. 99% of the time we are the only ones in the room during setup (besides the room staff). Playing this song gives us 2 things. 1) Yes it tests the system and we make sure everything is up and working. 2) We get to hear what the biggest song of the night will sound like and tweak the system for this song.
I use "Money For Nothin" all the time. Those beats at the front can really show you a cracked cone! Also use Clannad's "Riunne a' Criunne" (spel?)
It will lift your sub off the floor at the right level, and both tunes have enough highs and mids to check out the whole sound.


Holiday is a good one Tom. Sometimes I like to use Crossfire by SRV. Love the bass line to that tune. Oh yeah, the lead guitar is OK too;-)

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groovielou said:
Personally, I love to listen to a song from the first ever digitally recorded album. (please correct me if I am wrong) Dire Straights "Money for Nothin'"
Sorry - far from it.

:idea: Classical DDA (Digital-Digital-Analog) albums were being made in the '70s, along with a few pop/rock records. I remember selling a Ry Cooder DDA LP (Bop Till You Drop), the first digitally recorded rock album, in 1979. In 1982 Donald Fagen had one of the first commercially successful digitally recorded and -mixed albums with The Nightfly. In 1984 In The Digital Mood, fully DDD but not the first, was released on the GRP label.

The list goes on and on...


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why limit it to just one song? I go anywhere from NIN to old industrial to chemical brothers to the rolling stones to coolio.

The new beastie boys "c-c-c-c-check it out" has an awesome bass line.

makes MY legs tremble. :)

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