What is your favorite OFF THE WALL TV show?

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right you are ken

im going with polar on this one

mxc is hysterical...

it combines humor and people getting hurt

kinda like american gladiators with 2 wise ass commentators...

*mind you, 99.9999999% of the competitors are asian

favorite competitor: "next up, is nunzio spermacelli... hes currently teaching witness intimidation techniques at our lady of tony soprano"

now its time for kenny blankenships most painful eliminations of the day!!! LLLLLLLLLETTTTTTTTS GOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!


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I remember about 10 years ago or so Nick At Nite did a "Friday Night 1972" flashback. All the ABC shows from 1972 in their original order. Brady Bunch, Partridge Family, Room 222, Odd Couple and Love, American Style. Also included 'retro' mercials. It was FABULOUS!


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VR5 - really ticked me off that it didn't have a real ending. So glad to see David McCallum on NCIS

Mystery Science Theater 3000

Prince Planet - shown in US in 1966, I was 12 and thought it was really cool that the female lead had the same name I do, Diana.

A not so off the wall show that I really loved watching was Mission Impossible. "Your mission Jim, should you decide to accept it..."

And what was Saturday morning without Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Fury, and Sky King?

Earl From CloudNine

Canayjun, Eh!

I can't believe you didn't mention some of the funniest shows ever....

Rowan & Martin's "Laugh-In" (I'm STILL in love with Goldie Hawn) "Put THAT in your Funk 'n Wagnels"

and what about

The Smothers Brothers' Comedy Hour, especially the episodes when they had Jim Stafford as a guest... & Tommy's pet chicken "Spot"


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Some of the LDJC guys here might recall that I lived without a TV for nigh ten years. Debbie HAS to HAVE TV, or I'd still be without it today. I must say I sort of like "House, M.D.", but it's about the ONLY thing on network that even makes me look up from whatever I'm reading.

I think I'll take this opportunity to decry the condition of American popular culture.....

On second thought....

Ken Heath

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Hogan's Heroes


Hot Wheels
(short-lived Saturday morning cartoon show)

Ahh yes... Lancelot Link-Secret Chimp :D

(Hey Earl...I did mention Laugh-In)

DJ Devino

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Answer me this;

Who was?

"Gene Gene, The Dancing Machine"

For those of you that remember, We are the Baby Boomer Generation!



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gene gene

dont remeber the guys name

or the guy that was the unknown comic

but i remember that gene gene was like the offspring of james brown and re run

damn... when was the last time we had a "re run" reference...

or even dee or roge for that matter?
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