What happened?

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Bryan Durio

Music and Videos Moderator
Hey Nick! Welcome aboard! Good to see you here. I see your posts elsewhere, and am glad you showed up!
Ahhh yeah thanks mate....

but I was here before too. In fact I was probably here before you.

In fact, I was here when Sid, Glenn, Tim H and Glenn were all one big happy family. Heck there was only ONE family back then.

However - cheers for the welcome, I haven't been saying much lately. :) Now that I can post 3 times in the time it used to post once (no offence intended) I might post more....

And Ken Heath really is pretty hot, do we all agree? LOL

Bryan Durio

Music and Videos Moderator
Yes, I only discovered prodj.com in mid-1998, so I'm a relative newcomer. I'm only vaguely aware of people's pasts on the boards, so I think I'll just leave that one alone. :wink:

BTW, wait until Ken's I Touch Myself video makes it to prodj.com...I have the feeling that it'll make for good blackmail material! :evil:


New Member
I don't suppose my 90 posts from the "old" pro DJ board can get transferred over here?

No matter, I'm gonna rack 'em in no time :roll:

Chris Wagner

School Dance Moderator
Welcome, Nick!! Great to see you.

What do you mean you "might post more?" lol We'd love to hear your insight as much as possible!!

Let's see now, if you've been around since about '96 or so, that puts me graduating high school. I never knew at that time this place existed.

All the best!!



Entertainment Director/DJ
Who put this site on speed?

<<Who put this site on speed? >>

It's like MC Hammer on crack...


Big E

Active Member
My international buddies...

Welcome Back Steve and Nick...long time no see, at least here!!! :shock:

Now, if we could just get Ryan to provide FREE beer on LDJC chat nights...wouldnt that be sumthin???

:wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:
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