What’s Happened To This Forum?

Earl From CloudNine

Canayjun, Eh!
For many years I would pop by this forum at least once, and often two or three times every day. Now, it's once a month.... if that. I can't really put my finger on why I chose to stay away, but I can give you a few contributions...

(a) It seemed to me that the board's demise started at about the time it became "Mobile Beat" instead of it's original moniker "Pro DJ". To me it will always be "Pro DJ", (as long as it exists, that is).

(b) It also seemed to me that the board was becoming, for lack of a better term "elitist".. There didn't seem to be much room for those of us who did not command the "big bucks" for our services. It seemed that, if you didn't command at least $750. or $1000. or $4000. for your services, your opinion was not worthy. But that's simply the opinion of someone who seldom cracked the $300 to $350 mark.

There also seemed to be a bias against those of us who chose to remain in the so-called dark ages. I never learned, nor did I ever want to learn to "scratch" or "beat match", nor did I play much (if any) RAP... which of course, excluded me from being a "real" DJ.

(c) I also found that my interests were leaning more and more towards Karaoke... and eventually to Karaoke exclusively, and once again, despite Bill Smith's attempt at maintaining a dedicated section, it seemed "Karaoke" was a dirty word here.

(d) Finally, the LDJC, of which I was a charter member seemed to have bit the dust... and let's face it, without the LDJC, DJ life simply wasn't worth living.

Cheers from Southwest Ontario, Canada

Earl (or to Lou... Earl2)

DJ Bobcat

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Thanks for your response, Earl. It was enlightening. I was always a lurker in this forum, choosing to participate on a couple of other DJ boards. It seems like participation is declining on all the DJ boards and some have simply been shut down. Kinda sad.

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The over-reaching mods killed this forum years ago...not aware of the current moderators.
The party line is Facebook killed it, but I'm active on several other V Bulletin communities which each concern themselves with different interests and they're as active as this forum used to be years ago. I have to agree with wifedj on this. IMHO the start of the downfall of this forum coincides with the way Waasta, aka Byron was treated with the creshendo being his banning. The irony is he & his DJ compnay are out there crushing it these days and this forum is a sad shadow of what it used to be. -Z-


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Gee .... hope I'm not included in that "over reaching" mod squad. I felt I was always fair and tried to offer good advice to those who asked. I do have to agree that FaceBook had a lot to do with killing this forum, however with all their info gathering/selling problems, seems this would be a much better place to post. FaceBook also has it's share of "internet policing."



I wouldn't include you in that characterization.

Them that are, know it.

P.S. Facebook is WAY beyond over reaching.