Well... Its a new record!

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Go Big or Go Home
As of today I have hit my all time top dollar average for 3 months. $62000.00

It consists of:

10 DJ Events
3 Lighting/Sound Events

This is a very proud moment for me indeed. Lets just pray this is a new trend.


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Kevin, way to go! Awesome to know yet another jock out there is doing well in spite of a tough economy. Good for you! -Z-


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Actually, my large sound events average out to be near that usually. Unfortunately, I don't have too many of those booked up. Wish I had more time to commit to it!

Ken Heath

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With those kind of numbers, she may be expecting that 'Surf'n'Turf' in Maui!!!



DJ Ron Auger

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Congrats with that wonderful milestone. Keep pushing and you won't have to take your wife out for surf and turf, you can have it prepared right in your home by a professional chef.

With every income means bills and expences need to be paid. Can you give us an average of what you took home? I'm just curious.


Go Big or Go Home
You know its kind of a sad thing about the Texans Cheerleaders. Our contact moved on and the decorator had a long relationship with the new head. As a result we were out.
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