Wed. Event Tune-up: Wth?

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There has been a lot going on, where do we start?

Let’s start with this; I owe you an apology. There have been no Event Tune-Ups the last couple of months. For personal reasons, I had to step away from publishing it. We lost a loved one recently and needed time to “deal and heal”. From behind the keyboard, it was several months of sadness and drama that needed to settle. I also stepped away from some organizations that I have volunteered and/or served others at. My outward persona was toned down and, unfortunately, left an impression I had disappeared. That was not the case.

During all of that, my IT suffered a major technology issue. It took our email out for an extended period of time. I am just now recovered and still have more than 3,000 messages to comb through. That does not make running a business or planning events an easy task, but we did manage to cover what was on the books. It irks me because anyone who emailed for dates or inquiries have not yet been responded to, and I am just now finding those messages. Just damn…

Well, I am back, I am ready, and I will post bonus content to get you caught up. Last week was our yearly DJ conference in Tennessee, ARMDJS. To attend was cathartic, inspiring, and educational. There will be ideas coming forth!

There has also been some major decisions on other fronts regarding same-sex marriages, symbolism, and the state of the event industry. There will be topics of future Tune-Ups.

Strap in, secure the bar, and get ready for a rollercoaster ride of information!
Not open for further replies.