Wed. Event Tune-up: Unloading Stress

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I am a basket case, but you will never know it. Every detail, announcement, hidden cable, slight warble on a speaker, I obsess over making sure it is how it should be.

For as careful as I can be, it can be stressful at times. Add in the planning, setup and tear down labor, marketing, networking, and other items to keep the business going, it can create tremendous stress, even when this is a life one loves.

I have some suggestions for unloading some of that stress, crafted from years of trial/error, researching, talking to stress management pros, and a myriad of other people.

- Create down time: If you have to put it as a calendar appointment, create a little time each day to relax and rest. Do not combine it with lunch, unless it is an extended siesta. Concentrate on something that is a guilty pleasure. You would be amazed how much better you concentration and energy is throughout the day.

- Get a hobby: Find something to do outside of your business. For me, that is gardening and riding a bike along a trail. It allows me to focus on something that helps relax and replenish energy, and it can be done in short time spans and longer time spans.

- Keep clean: Keep your surroundings clean. Yes, that involves housework, keeping the home and business organized, keeping the car shiny and spotless, and keeping papers in order. Also, clutter can be an issue, so do not overlook pruning the wardrobe and attic and taking the excess to Goodwill or your favorite charity.

- Massage: I highly recommend getting a massage every few months. Reflexology is also a great tool, and chiropractic help is also very wonderful at keeping the body invigorated and feeling wonderful.

- Prepwork is EVERYTHING: I stress prepwork when planning and organizing events, but what about rolling it over to your personal space? You can prepare meals ahead of time, such as using the crock pot for a week’s worth of meals or grilling/smoking meat on Sunday to place in the freezer. If you are planning going out or taking a trip, purchase certificates and tickets ahead of time. That way, the money is budgeted and you have secured a stress-free space by already having the arrangements in place to use them. Record your favorite TV shows ahead of time. Make a list of what must be done and get it completed. Whatever can be planned for ahead of time, plan for it and do whatever can be done to make it happen ahead of the event.

- Spirit: Keep your mind free of bad thoughts. I write mine in a journal. There are so many great journaling tools available for free. Outlook has a journaling component. Siri takes dictation. Tumblr, Livejournal, and Wordpress make great personal journal sites that you can choose to share with others or just keep private.

- Water: Having access to a pool, Jacuzzi, or some other water therapy is nice. Our neighborhood has a pool, and I am working on getting a hot tub to escape into after events.

- People: Surround yourself with people who will comfort and build you up. Negative people attract negativity, so look to add positive people to your circle who provide positive influences and can help you ease stress and negativity with good conversation and ideas.

- Workspace: Pictures of family, places, and calm settings can provide relief when in your primary work area, and remind you of goals and the bigger picture.

I have other ideas, but this should be a good start to melting your stress.
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