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I work with a lot of schools, and could use a few more bookings. I was thinking about offering a promotion to new clients, advertising that if they switch to my company I will send them $100. The money would be paid at the end of the gig, after I get paid of course. I'm thinking why not? The long distance phone companies are doing this. What do you think?


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If you want people to view your DJ service like a "telephone" company, go for it! However, I don't know of too many people that have high regard or loyalty to phone companies. If they will go to you for $100, they will leave you just as easily. The cliche' "what goes around comes around" is often true.

Think about your image and identity -- is this what you what to represent?


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The other question is who gets the $100? Does it go to the school's general fund, or to the person making the booking?

If the money goes to the person making the booking, then there could be some nasty conflict-of-interest issues come up for the advisor.

I'd rather see someone use Ryan's old method of producing the incentive after x number of events. "Book 4 School Dances - Get A Free Video Upgrade On The Fifth." Don't give a discount that you don't expect to give a second time... and a third... and a...


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Well who gets the money, I would have to say, I could offer an option to take the $100 off of our services or give them $100 in freebies, like extra lights, or something. Perhaps the I could write a check to a school fund. I don't think I want to give away my video show, too much potential loss of income there.

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I'd do one of the following;

Credit the $100 towards an upgraded sound or light system;

Supply $100.00 of props or glow products(at retail price not your price) or;

Credit $100.00 towards the next TWO bookings(try to get an annual contact and cut even a better deal). That means you're only dropping your rates $25.00/gig for 3 gigs.


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Devino nailed this one to the wall,

Give them some kind of credit towards your lighting or sound system. I don't know if you have different prices for your lighting and sound system sizes but if you do, use it to your benefit. keep that money in your pocket.

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I would talk to the people at the school and if they told me that another DJ company was going to give them $100.00 just for booking with their company, I would raise my rates another $200.00 higher.

"If you charge nothing for your time, then that's what it's worth" Mark Ferrell.

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I would not pay a kick back in any way.

I do something different. At the end of each school year we make a donation to SADD in each schools name that we performed at that year.

If we do more dances for a school then SADD received a bigger donation in that schools and our companys name. This does more for the community and it also offers us a great PR Marketing campaigne.

Feel free to email me and ask about our details EXCEPT THOSE IN THE TAMPA BAY AREA...lol.

Giving something back to the community helps everyone in the community.


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Another brilliant trend that will sweep through the entire DJ world in three years.

Anyone notice that all these "great ideas" always seem to refer to minus signs instead of plus signs? And that they almost always involve more work for less pay? And that within no time at all, clients develop expectations of them being SOP and can't remember when they weren't?

Please, by all means, make my life easier along with making yours easier. Right.

Me tinks me will rent table space at Wal-mart before anyone else comes up with the idea. It should be good for at least three months before thirty other local DJs join me in further reducing our respectability and earning potential.

Cynical? Nope. Just been here a long time and seen the results of many things cycle through many times with the same results.



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I know if I was the dj who was working the school functions prior to your sending this "rebate" offer, and the students and faculty were happy with my shows, I would be ticked if I ever found out that that's how you swiped the job. But if you do what Keith said and at least charge a respectable rate then I would be a little more understanding, the lowballing is just a little unprofessional from my perspective.


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I'm not going to send any rebate offers out. I will merely send a new advertisement out, pointing out the positive aspects of my company.

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We do occasionally offer a free upgrade. It doesn't 'cost' us much, but gives exposure of our larger systems, which may be more appropriate for their event. The advisors appreciate the extra work and benefits they get and often in the future they'll book our larger shows. You need to earn your business the old fashioned way in most cases, or you won't have the longevity in business anyway. Don't let a negative reputation hurt your future.

I don't see cash lending any real loyalty by schools. Corporate, maybe.


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Doing that you will become one of those DJ's who people talk about how they stole they're business from them.... Go for it why not, try not to tresspass (how do you spell that?) on to many people's teritory! You don't want to get the whole business after you.


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Well, I suppose in a gentlemanly manner I should say, Charge what you're worth. If you are already doing a good job and the schools like what you do, then you should have no problem booking other schools. Especially from some extreme "bottom feeders" that are "blazing" new trails in the cleveland area. It's unfortunate that some people just don't "get it". As one of the "other" companies serving the schools in your area, all I can say is... Let your reputation speak loudly of you. Be a professional, and you will continue to have the respect of your fellow entertainers. With as many schools as there are in our area, there is room enough for quality entertainment for the quality companies. Take Perry High's Prom where the blazin bottom feeder never showed up and Bruce had to do it with an hour and a half notice. He did what you are talking of, the same thing he does with all his gigs, charges next to nothing, pays his dj's 7.00 an hour, and goes after everyone elses shows by charging 75 bucks a gig hoping for the payoff by quantity. I've heard nothing but good things about you from all our mutual friends, and I look forward to meeting you someday. Until then, let's continue to be professionals, and keep the market where it should be, not get into what has gotten our area to where it is where club owners think 300 a night is highway robbery. I am one of the most expensive companies in the area, but am still a multi op with more work than bodies most of the time. Sorry for the ramble,
DJ Dan
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What a great idea. It shows your concern for an increasingly big problem for our teens. If I were in your area that would definately impress me. Good luck with your business!



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Our company offers a "Quality Proformance Guarantee" to schools. If our service is not of an acceptable quality, the dance is on us. This works great when selling a "new" school on our company and gives them no reason not to try us out. We have NEVER had a school ask for any money back due to a poor proformance by the DJ. I guess our training is working! We charge more than any other DJ service in our area for school dances and we are still able to get the "low-end" schools to move from their "low-end" DJs to our company. Once we get into a school, we can usually book any of their future dances that have a high enough budget. Give it a try, it really works!
Good Luck!

Phil Trau
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