VJs I could use your input - time to vote!

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Ryan Burger

Hey VJs! Tell Us What You Play!
We're brewing up something NEW for our yearly MOBILE BEAT TOP 200 charts...and we need YOU to help us make it great: MUSIC VIDEO CHARTS.

All you have to do is go to
and tell us the 50 MOST REQUESTED VIDEOS that you play. It's that simple!

BUT THERE'S ONE "CATCH"...Your video choices will only count IF YOU VOTE DURING THE NEXT 5 DAYS. Don't delay: take the survey TODAY and tell us what you play!

More Info on the Music Video Survey

To help you make your picks quickly, we pre-loaded the list of choices with listings from the Promo Only Classic Series of DVDs (http://www.promoonly.com/products/#classics), plus, there are 200 more tracks picked by the Promo Only programmers that are too recent to be in those collections.

The charts are scheduled to be be included in the May 2014 issue of Mobile Beat Magazine, along with our yearly Mobile Beat / DJ Intelligence Top 200 Lists. If you are not yet a subscriber, make sure to send your name, company name, postal address and email address to custserv@mobilebeat.com now, to get the print issue and also enjoy access to the online edition.

Not only will you contribute to a fun and useful feature of Mobile Beat, you may also learn about videos your peers are playing that wil add new excitement to YOUR dance floor!

Remember, the voting is only available for 5 days...so take a few minutes right now and tell us what you play!
Not open for further replies.