Vegas Done, bittersweet, A rant.

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Mobile Beat 09

Cubbie, I am in total agreement with you on your points regarding getting something out of the show. It was an observation, nothing more, and every show I have attended has taught me something I did not know. To me the best part of the show is the people, not the gear. The problem with some shows is there is not enough time to see all the gear as the seminar schedule does not allow it, Mobile Beat is the exception. My business has grown due to my involvement in these shows. A big thank must go out to all the hard working, no credit given people who put on the shows. But, I have seen first hand how some of these exhibitors have been treated by show personnel, and honestly I was appaled. These exhibitors worked hard to help create a great show and are then treated like second class citizens. I won't name names because I believe "you get what you give". Thus I can conclude, it is not what you say but what you do.

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We're so far off the original topic, it's not even funny. That being said:

Thank you Ryan, Cubbie, Mike, Dan, Bret, and everyone else with Mobile Beat for all that you do, especially regarding the Vegas Show. I've attended every year, with the exception of the first year. Most years, I attended strictly as a D.J. trying to grow and network. The last three, I've been a product specialist for a manufacturer. Have I seen more exhibitors? Yes. Have I seen fewer exhibitors? Yes. I haven't attended the long list of shows Cubbie has, but I've been at Winter NAMM for the last 5. Was NAMM down this year? A little, yes. Most of the spaces seemed filled, but there were some notable absences from companies there in previous years, while others seemed to be under more of an "umbrella", boothwise, with a "parent" company taking a booth, and the various brand names within that group sharing a single booth, versus each brand having its' own booth. We saw some of that at MBLV09, as well, with "partnerships" of manufacturers and retailers. Similar to NAMM, what walking around I was able to do on the exhibitor floor, looked like it was full. Add the rooms across the hall, which seemed more filled with exhibitors to me than before, and overall take on it is: MVLV09 was remarkably strong, in the face of the worst economy of our LIFETIME.

Could improvements be made? Always. Were sales as brisk as the vendors hoped for? I don't have all the data on that, but it seemed tougher this year. Was this show a failure? Hardly.

And yes, you certainly get out of it what you put into it. I had a great time, and look forward to this show, every year.
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