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I am now officially afraid to update anything I'm using now as far as firmware or software versions.


Fortunately, I've been involved in computers since the Commodores and Wangs. Entertainment came later so the transition to 100% digital was as natural as a morning bm.

I remember using Commodore 64 to list my vinyl, probably around 1986.

Mark Bloom

I remember using Commodore 64 to list my vinyl, probably around 1986.

OK, I'll play! I starting listing my vinyl in 1975, using keypunch cards batch fed into a PDP-10 computer. I then had a random number generator create "shuffle" playlists which I printed on a line printer... I would record them manually on a cassette tape. I think I might have invented the shuffle feature of the iPod, just a very inefficient and expensive version!


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LOL<. The first computer I worked on was a Burroughs 64 K Iron core memory mainframe, with a card reader to use a card punch program to "IPL" it. It was as big as a refrigerator.

It was too stupid to play music.

The Pertec disc platters stored an immense amount of data, about 1 MB, and there were 10 of those. Looked liked a halloween version of 10 records suspended by a coke bottle in the middle.

That was state of the art in 1978, and I'm NO WHERE as old as NickyB;), who no doubt can relate to the Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Burroughs mainframe they used in their computer room.

Yeah, I trained on that. But Nickyb soldered it, I'll bet.
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