USED GEAR - Buy, Sell or Trade for Oct.25, 2008

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I am selling my DJ Power Extreme Dongle, Version 2008 With Video, Karaoke, Video Efects, Live Camera, Everything but DMX. you get the 2008 dongle with CD and Code. I will even trow in Version 901D Audio only dongle and cd and code.

that is 2 DJ Power setups for $500


DJ Dave

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Sunlite Suite

I bought two of these and now only need one. This is Brand New latest version software with hardware interface (Blue). First $350 shipped.

Sunlite Suite - Basic Class
The Sunlite Basic Class includes the same software features as the Sunlite Economy, but using our new low-cost USB-DMX interfaces.

Details of the Basic package:
- Full Sunlite software (same as Economy Class)
- 3D Easy View visualizer
- 512 DMX channel output (1 universe only)
- low-cost USB-DMX interface (no stand alone memory, no I/O ports, no DMX input)


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I have 57 duplicate discs from TM Century / Jones TM / TM Studios

Discs Include

HP200614 thru HP200617
HP200618 thru HP200652
HP200701 thru HP200708
HP200710 thru HP200712
PM0208 thru PM0508
Mannheim Steamroller Music & EFX discs

I purchased these from someone here on ProDJ thinking they would fill some holes in my collection - but ended up being duplicates of discs I already had.

First $50 gets them shipped to anyone here in the lower 48
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As I've gotten "more mature", I find myself doing fewer and fewer large light shows so the time has come to turn loose some really good stuff to people
who'll use it. I'm keeping my entire Mania Series stuff but the biggies can go!
S&H on this stuff is negotiable.

Here goes -

DJ and Lighting Gear for Sale

All this stuff is in like brand new condition, case kept
in a climate controlled storage area. It all works like
and has fairly low hours of actual use. I'm selling it
hopefully to someone who'll use it since I pretty much
have been financially hand-cuffed by the Social Security
Administration on how much I can earn.

(1) Martin Wizard - the original 250w MSD mirrored-barrel
Centerpiece. This unit is cased and comes with the
'candy-cane' hanging brackets for fast setup and

(2) Martin QX-250 Synchrozaps - Very fast moving, dual
mirrored-barrel, 250w MSD fixtures. These are
an outstanding compliment to a Wizard - cased.
$550 each.

(2) Martin Punisher dmx moonflowers in foam-lined cases.
These 250w halogen based fixtures are bright enough
to compliment any lightshow, even gas discharge. Cased.
$275 each

(1) Martin Atomic dmxable strobe - used only three times
and cased.

(2) Martin Minimac Wash moving heads in foam-lined cases.
150w HTI lamped, 12 vibrant colors with 60 degree
beamspread. Like brand new with very few hours on them.
$600 each.

(4) Martin Minimac Profile moving heads in foam-lined cases.
150w HTI lamped, 12 colors with rotating gobos. These
also have low hours.
$700 each

(1) Cortex DMix-300 dual mp3 mixer-player console. Accepts
an iPOD input and also external USB storage devices
as it's input. This unit is cased and makes a perfect
backup console ... never used on a gig and brand new.

(2) Martin Starflashes. These are the twin-cone model, the 'elite'
of the sound-active, 300w halogen moonflower fixtures.
Very bright, very colorful and lively.
$100 each.

(1) Meteor ProBeam 75 'oil wheel' projector. Like new, very low
hours and a unique fixture for a creative mind.

(1) 10 ft. section of Optikinetics 'tri-light' triangle truss.
Very strong and weighs a mere 11 lbs. I also have (2)
5 ft. sections that can extend the 10 ft. to 15 or 20
as needed.Like new.
$150 per 10 ft. section.

(2) Elation StudioPro P64 DMX wash lights. Each uses three 575w FPL
halogen lamps and have 3 selectable control modes. Orig. cost
$379 each w/o lamps ... $$500 for the pair

(1) American Audio DCD Pro-1000 dual Cd player with all the bells &
whistles. Rack kept and in mint condition. Can be shipped in
the original box. $300 + S&H

Any questions, please contact me via email or phone.


Anthony Martorano

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QSC PL amplifiers for sale. These are the real deal, touring-grade amplifiers.

PL 3.4: $1250
PL 4.0: $1400

or buy both and we'll work a deal. PM me if interested. These amps retail for over $2400 each.

DJ Dave

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Chauvet ColorStrips $175 ea Buyer pays shipping.
I have two of them. Buy them both I will ship them free. Lower 48 only.


Custom Laptop Case for Denon 1000's/1200's, 19" Mixer plus other items

Will accept best reasonable offer.

*This case is awesome, it has a long tray that can fit up to 2 Laptops, 10 unit space for your 19" Mixer, MP3 Controller, Light Controller, it fits the Denon 1000's or 1200's on each side, plus enough space in the back of the CD Players to put your Microphone Receivers (Yes you can put one on each side)
The case was purchased in October, has been used in 4 gigs so far I paid $550.00 total, it's well constructed and weighs 50 pounds.
Will accept $450.00 for it, including Ground Shipping within the USA(for exception of Alaska & PR) If you're in California even more local to the Bay Area will knock $50.00 OFF.
This is strictly for the Case, items inside the case ARE NOT INCLUDED

*Odyssey 8 Space Case, Black Carpeted, Front, Back and Top Lids for easy access, in good condition (Pictured below only case)$200.00 Or Best Offer
This is strictly for the Case, items inside the case ARE NOT INCLUDED

*American DJ ProScratch Table Top CD Player with Flight Case, Only 1 Player, Picture shown for different angles $150.00 + Shipping


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Dj Sonic

Dj Sonic
Complete Pioneer System For Sale

I have a complete, ready to go Pioneer CD System for sale. This is my third CD system that doesn't get used very much anymore and I'm looking to replace it with a computer based system. I would like to sell it as a full system if possible. The components have been cased, the cases do show some basic wear from being transported from gig to gig but the equipment works flawlessly. The system consists of the following:
2 Pioneer CDJ100S Tabletop CD Players
1 Pioneer DJM300S 2 Channel Mixer
1 Odyssey Black Carpeted Coffin Case
1 Quickloc Scissor Stand
2 JBL 15" Powered Speakers
2 On-Stage Black Speaker Stands
1 On-Stage Canvas Padded Speaker Stand Bag
2 Canvas Speaker Bags
1 Black DJ Skirt Custom Made For Odyssey Coffin
This set-up is perfect for events of all types in small to medium size venues and also makes a great starter system or back-up system. If you would like to see pictures please email me and I'll forward them to you, the pictures that I took are too big to post here. I'm asking $750.00 for the complete system, buyer is responsible for shipping charges. If interested or any questions please contact me at (860) 849-6192 or email me at

DK Productions

speakers for sale

B-52 Pro Audio
ACT-1515x pair $1000
ACT-18x pair $1400
or buy the whole set for $2200

Both in excellent condition

A little over 2yrs old with almost 3yrs left on the warranty.

would suggest picking up as shipping and packaging will be costly.

Also have a VUE III for $200

can call 860-982-4975 or email
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EV Subs For sale

A total of 4 single 18 in. EV subs for sale.

model SH10L-ER. Mint condition. Barely used.

$375.00 each. Pick-up only.

John Sanders
Sonimax Light & Sound
Riverhead, N.Y.



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Looking to purchase 250 Univenture #10196 Archival Pocket sleeves. Willing to purchase used sleeves in VG condition (no splits or holes) or will consider splitting the cost of a purchase of 500 (Univenture's minimum quantity). These are the sleeves TM Studios and Promo Only use for their subscription discs.

I do not want the "new style eco-friendly sleeves". Will pay 12 cents each for VG used ones.
If you're interested in splitting a case of new ones, PM me for details.


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Martin SCX-600s, EFX-500, 2510

For sale are a set of 4 Martin SCX-600s, 1 EFX-500, and a pre-programmed 2510 controller. I also have hard rolling cases for the SCX-600s.

Lights are all in fantastic condition. They've been taken out on 20 events in a little over a year.

Shipping from 20877. Willing to drive up to an hour out of the DC-Metro area.

DJ Dave

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2 Hulk 150 moving heads New. 150 watt discharge, very bright.
$350ea Shipped to your door. Lower 48 only.
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Turnkey Mixer Console + 8,500 Cut Library

Turn key DJ mixer console built into a SKB 19P12U slant top mixer case. Just add powered speakers and you have a complete system. Very compact, rugged and reliable. Balanced outs, Powercon in & out & cords, (2) aux inputs & balanced mike in.

8,500 high quality musical selections organized for the working DJ. Many, many original ERG and Prime Cuts CD's ( through Jan 08) included in this package. The laptop is very stable running Windows NT and well sorted PCDJ-FX. A spare 60gb hard drive for the laptop is included

The system is shown with 2 ATW-310 wireless receivers. They are not included in this package.

System Components

Compaq 2170US Laptop

Rane MP2 Mixer

Rolls RM67 Mike line mixer

PCDJ DAC2 Controller

Echo Indigo DJ Sound Card

Cooling Fan

Wireless mike antenna mounts and cables


Folding Carpeted Facade

Powercon Power Cords

See pics on ebay

$1,300 + Shipping


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(2) ADJ Accu Roller 250 DMX Effect + Road Cases

Two (2) ADJ Accu Roller 250 gas discharge moving head fixtures. In excellent condition about 25 hours of use. Includes two (2) plywood road cases with recessed hardware, (4) truss clamp, and (2) safety cables.

Loks great with or with out fog.

• 250W Discharge Professional Intelligent Scanner with barrel mirror
• 7 rotating gobos + spot (1 dichroic glass gobo), changeable
• 9 colors + white
• Crisp optical System with 19-degree Beam Angle to Cover Large areas with a Low Ceiling
• Smooth Accurate Stepper Motors with microstepping (1.8 degree)
• 8 DMX channels
• Built in Programs - Sound active Master/Slave or DMX-512
• 48 internal programmable steps with Time for Stand Alone operation (easy usage for retail operations or rentals)
• Multi Voltage Selection: 98V, 120V, 208V, 230V, 255V, 50 or 60Hz
• Shutter with 100% dimming
• Gobo Shake effect
• Rainbow Color Scroll effect
• Strobes in every color
• Manual full focusing
• Digital Display with easy to use Menu to select features: Reverse Tilt, Reverse Pan
• High output dichroic reflector for 20% Higher Lumen output than Aluminum Reflectors
• Large, high velocity fan keeps the unit cool for all night continuous operation (no duty cycle)
• Gobo Size: 25mm (20mm viewable)
• Lamp: ZB-MSD250/2 250W Discharge (2,000 hours)
• Dimensions (LxWxH): 9” x 11.5” x 22.5” / 229 x 292 x 572 mm

See Pix on ebay here-

$600 pluss shipping / handling
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