USED GEAR - Buy, Sell or Trade for Nov. 26, 2009

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It's that time again ... to update our USED GEAR ads. Everybody knows the drill. The old thread is around for cut 'n paste.

I hope everyone has had a reasonably successful year despite the weakened economy. Hopefully everything will get better in the near future.


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Here is the updated list of gear along with a link to some more pics.

Mackie 1521 Powered Speaker (Pair) – with padded covers: $1000.00
M-Audio Fast Track Ultra (new in box): $200.00

Dual Vertical Tower Set Up: (3 sets available) $5100.00/set of towers (which includes):

3x3’ Global Truss Base Plate (2)
6.56’ -12” Global Truss section (2)
1.92’ – 12” Global Truss section (2)
Global Truss Aluminum 12” top plate (2)
Truss Sleeve (white) –(2)
Martin Mac 250 Krypton (2)
Dual Martin Mac 250 Road Case (1)

Martin Mac 250’s –Krypton (set of 2) with Road Case: $4100.00 (Never used) - $3,700 until December 4 only!
Martin ZR24/7 Hazer with ATA Case $600.00 (just cleaned by Martin)
Martin ZR 24/7 Hazer (no case) $500.00 (just cleaned by Martin)
Martin Atomic Strobe with ATA Case + 2 Detonators: $700.00
Elo 21” rack mount LCD touch screen: (used 10 times) $500.00 (fits in 19” rack)
Applied L-16 crank stands (16 feet of height at 500 lbs each) $1200.00 /pair – with truss adaptors
Applied 17” custom truss with center light bars (4-5’ pieces) $300.00/set of 4 pieces
Mobile Tech MA-1 Crank Stands: $400.00/pair

Rack Mount VCR: $50.00
ETV VHS Tapes (ambient tapes) $10.00 – for 2. Never used
Rack Shelves (6 available) $10.00 each
Custom Karaoke Snake with video, feed and power to snake. $400.00 (8 channel)- never used
Rock-n-Roller Cart– needs some loving $50.00.
Furman PL-8 Power Conditioner: $50.00
Power works 1502 Surge protector: 40.00 – has pullout lights
Ikey recording device: $60.00 NEW – never used, still in box

Prices DO NOT include shipping. Please send questions to Most of the gear has pics here:

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2 each

B-52 Matrix 1000v2 systems...

local pick up only

$500.00 per system

Big E

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I have 4 Novascan 250s for sale. All work great, minor defects from normal use. Just downsizing my load a bit.

Asking $125 each and buyer pays shipping from 73945. Pictures available on request.


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DAC-2 Controller $100 shipped

(4) Irradiant T-MAX LE 5 LEDs (2 are unopened boxes) $200 shipped

(The Irradiant T-MAX 5 LE has a plane scanner mirror head design that enables the moonflower effect to project to any corner freely, coloring every area. Includes one multi-color dichroic moonflower dish, and its sound-controlled rolling moonflower effect adds a cheerful and pleasurable atmosphere to small spaces and parties. The sharp, colorful beams move smoothly with sound-control. It's also powered by a 5W White SSLE LED)


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Used entry level lights for sale

Used Pocket Scan 4X Package SystemSystem includes: 4 Pocket Scans, 1 DMX Solo, 4 XLR to XLR cables. I am also including the travel case for the units. It holds all 4 units.

These are like new. I'm not one for lighting so they may have been used these 20 to 25 times since purchased. There is nothing wrong with them, I just don't have a need for them.

I'm asking $1,000 for evenything. If interested, please shoot me an email.

Ken Heath

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Still looking for two, (or more), American DJ Firebowls or Chauvet Bob LED firebowls... cosmetics not as important as function! Singles okay, will mix-n-match!

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Mackie SRM350 V1's for Sale

Two SRM350 V1's (grey, not berry blue) in pristine condition with Mackie carrying cases included. Price dropped to $400.00 + shipping for the pair.
PM me if you would like to see pictures. Used maybe 10 times total for ceremony/cocktail room music.

Would trade straight up for two Global Truss 2X2 truss bases with hardware in decent condition.



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I've got a few miscellaneous items to sell:

Numark CM200 mixer - 2-3 years old, trouble-free
Numark CD-MIX 2 - bought from Jamie Simpson a couple years ago, used it primarily as a ceremony system. Never gave me a problem
Stanton S-650 Dual CD Player - real workhorse, have had for 5-6 years
Stanton S-500 Dual CD Player - backup to the S-650

Please feel free to PM me here or e-mail me at



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X-Laser XTF50G / American DJ Mega Bar LED


I am selling the following items that I purchased this past year and no longer need:

2ea. X-Laser XTF50G Pyros with a custom flight case

1ea. American DJ Mega Bar LED

These will be sold DIRT CHEAP!

For additional details and pictures visit

Feel free to PM me with any questions or phone me at (724) 794-8834.

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WTB: Martin Atomic Strobe

I have a Detonator already. Now I need a strobe or two. Let me know what you have for sale. I am in NJ.

Thank you.

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Still looking for two, (or more), American DJ Firebowls or Chauvet Bob LED firebowls... cosmetics not as important as function! Singles okay, will mix-n-match!

Is this for an outdoor gig?

I have a couple of extra clay pots and some extra gasoline...
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Gear For Sale Found Here

4 Pack Design Spot PROS + Free Case + Free Shipping

2 American DJ Gazer Lights

2 Global Truss 1.0M Padded Bags

2 American DJ X-Scans

Ulitimix Looking Back 4 and 11 Original Rare and out of print

Dave Parks Spin Doctor DJ

DJ Dave

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I have (6) Colorslash 196 LED cans for sale. All in good working condition. $60ea. plus shipping. Free Shipping if all six are purchased.

I can take PayPal, Check or Money Order.


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For sale:

1 - USB cable attached to a PCDJ Dac 3. I bought it used but have hardly used it at all. $175

SOLD 2 - IEC cables. About 50 hours use in three years. Includes 2 Martin mania SCX 500 lights. $250 each.

1 - Tricerisoft Swift Elite 3 Dongle $50. Needed to upgrade to SE4.

1 - Tricerisoft ScramTec ScramDMX Module. Needed to use their built in DMX software controls. Includes Scramverter which connects a serial port to any ScramTec product by using a 4 wire phone cable. $50

1 - Tricerisoft ScramTec ScramPAC Module. Used to control S&P type lights through a multi outlet strip like a CoPilot or Lyte Quest below using Swift Elites built in light control software. $50

All ScramTec Modules can be daisy chained using standard 4 wire phone cable.

4 - Elation Synchro-Spot Color Changers w/Controller. Best Offer

SOLD 1 - Lyte-Quest SF-88 Light Controller w/outlet strip and cable. $20

Prices do not include shipping from Zip 22663.
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