USED GEAR - Buy, Sell or Trade for May 17, 2009

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Pair of JBL bags/covers for EON G2's. About 5 years old.
make offer + shipping

I also have a used 18" driver for Yahama SW118-IV club series4 sub 500 watts program. make reasonable offer + shipping


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Leviton NSI MC 1616 Memory Lighting Controller.

Good shape, had the mounting bracket already installed. Will take $100 OBO for this.. Well worth the price!



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Cleaning out my warehouse.

American DJ Par 64P Fixtures

American DJ Par 38 pro

Elation DMX Partner Controller

2 Pack Accu Color Colorchangers + Free Case

4 Pack Accu Color Colorchangers + Free Case

6 Pack Weidmark Par 64 Led Fixtures + Free Case

Dave Parks Spin Doctor DJ


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Innovate BlueLite X1 DMX F/S

Innovate Show Controls BlueLite X1 DMX Controller - Excellent Condition
Rack Mount 4 Uninverse (4 x 512 channel = 2048 Channels)
In/Thru DMX
In/Out Sync SIMPTE

Includes 1pc 5 pin XLR Male to 3 pin XLR Female converter cable.

Works with PCDJ DMX or Innovate Show DMX Software

List $1299.00
Purchase on Innovate Website $999.00

Your Price Shipped $450.00
ADJ Par 64 LED Pro

Up for sale are 10 american dj led par 64 PRO B in like new condition. Also comes with a custom case case that houses 8 of the lights for transport.
Asking $2000.00 for all ten, prefer to sell as a set locally as shipping would probably be too much. Willing to travel no more than 2 hours if needed to deliver.

Also for sale, DAC-3 controller in like new condition $ 150.00


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Looking for either a used QSC RMX2450, QSC PLX3002, QSC Powerlight 2.0HV or a QSC PLX1804. Mostly an amp that can run 450-700 Watts per channel at 8Ohms per channel. Looking to get rid of yours? Give me a PM! Thanks!


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For Sale:

1 - Yorkville Excursion 2 system. EX2 - Excellent Condition - First $1500 (you pay shipping)

1 - Crest LT2000 Power Amplifier - Perfect Condition - First $400 (you pay shipping)

1 - Numark D2 - Excellent Condition - No Keyboard - First $225 (You pay shipping)

Da-Lite 5X7 Fast Fold Video Screen. Needs cleaned but I did not see any tears or rips. All snaps are there. The case has one broken hinge but it has been that way for about 4 years with no problems. Make me an offer on this one.


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For Sale JBL SRX 715 (Pair) in good shape

In good condition with some minor scratches....I am located in Long Island NY and would prefer local pickup but will ship at the buyers expense...Please E-Mail me at for pictures and any questions...Thanks


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Selling a Omnisistems DFV6 Pyro Fog Vertical Discharge fogger. It is in great condition. Wireless remote works great. THing has a ton of output. Willing to take $150 for this. Brand new this thing goes for $299 msrp.

Hope I'm doing this right, posting this in the right place and in the right way.

For sale, lightly used pair of JBL Eon G2 10". Excellent condition. Great for cocktail hour, ceremonies, etc. Will sell for $400 the pair (plus shipping). Might consider selling individually.

--Steve Hoffman/GOOD NOTE DJs
Sorry, folks, the $400 above was a typo -- I meant to type $500 for that pair of lightly used pair of JBL Eon G2 10". in excellent condition. That's plus shipping. Might consider selling individually.

Sorry for confusion -- I couldn't figure out how to go back and edit my own message once I realized I had mistyped the asking price!!!


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I have an omnisistems pyro fog machine. msrp is $299 for this thing. Willing to take $125 obo.

sm 58 microphone $40 - thing has some minor scuffs on it but works solid.
leviton nsi mc 1616 lighting controller. has the rackmount kit installed on it. take $100 obo for this.

thanks guys!


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For sale:

FURMAN RP-8L Power Conditioner - $60 + S/H

AMERICAN DJ PC-100 Power Distribution Panel $30 + S/H

WANGO TANGO - Set of Four (4) - Red, Blue, Yellow, Green - $75 + S/H




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Cleaning out my warehouse. Some pricing lowered and new items

American DJ Par 64P Fixtures

American DJ Par 38 pro

Elation DMX Partner Controller

2 Pack Accu Color Colorchangers + Free Case

4 Pack Accu Color Colorchangers + Free Case

X-Laser X4RG + Case and Bag

DJ Skirt Table Topper

Dave Parks Spin Doctor DJ

Allen D

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Thanks to the FCC and it's new Digital changeover I have a few mics to sell.

1 - Audio Technica Freeway200 Hand Held System. VHF freq:171.905MHz $75.00 OBO

Item specs:

*****DISCLAIMER***** If you are outside of the U.S. the below listed mics work PERFECTLY! They operate in the newly designated Emergency Band in the U.S. 700MHz

Here's what I have available for those outside of the US:

4 - AKG WS2000 Wireless Mic Systems (Specs and Frequencies Listed below)

1 - Handheld US54 Frequencies $150.00 OBO
1 - Handheld US59 Frequencies $150.00 OBO
1 - Bodypack w/ Headset US54 Frequencies $150.00 OBO
1 - Bodypack w/ Headset US54 Frequencies $125.00 OBO (Loose power connector on receiver)

All shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer. Items will ship from Naperville, IL. 60567

*True Dual Diversity
*Half rack chassis (you can mount 2 side by side in a 1 space slot)
*Balanced XLR & Unbalanced 1/4" outputs.
*Mic/Line selection
*Squelch/Output adjustment on the receiver
*Gain sensitivity on transmitter
*Separate Power and Mute on transmitter
*Rotating collar to cover power or mute or both on Hand Held
*Power Indicator L.E.D.
*Power button & mute, antenna, signal and peak indicator on receiver
*20mw output
*15 Selectable frequencies
*2 - AA Battery powered. I can get at least 2 gigs off of each set of batteries.

Here's the real deal on these mics. Originally they were quite expensive and top of the line. I have used them without issue for nearly 10 years. When set up properly you can stand right in front of a speaker and get NO feedback, I even demonstrated this at an ADJA meeting a while back.

I work in Chicago frequently and use these mics with radio transmitters just above me without issue. The receivers reside in my case just above my CD trays and rarely do I even have the front cover of my case off and have no issues.

They have a very good output signal, you will never "need" more power if set up properly. They work and sound flawless. I love these mics but the new FCC rules are causing me to find a new home for these.

The US54 frequency set. The frequencies are:
710.200, 710.400, 710.600, 710.800, 711.000, 711.200, 711.400, 711.600, 711.800, 712.000, 712.200, 712.400, 712.600, 712.800, 713.000

The US59 frequency set. The frequencies are:
742.800, 743.000, 743.200, 743.400, 743.600, 743.800, 744.000, 744.200, 744.400, 744.600, 744.800, 745.000, 745.200, 745.400, 745.600

You can see pics at
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