USED GEAR - Buy, Sell or Trade for Jun 14, 2009

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NSI MC 1616 Leviton lighting controller. Thing in good shape. Has the rackmount kit installed. $100 OBO

Omni Sistems pyro fogger. Great shape. Remote works great. New these things go for $250. Cut that price in half "$125" and its yours.

SM58 Microphone - Good shape $50 OBO

Audio Technica Wireless Microphone with rackmount kit. Decent shape. Freeway series 600. $125 OBO on this one


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Also selling a barely used Crown CE1000... in original box.


Quick specs:
560W @ 2-ohm stereo (per channel)
450W @ 4-ohm stereo (per channel)
275W @ 8-ohm stereo (per channel)
1100W @ 4-ohm bridge mono
900W @ 8-ohm bridge mono


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Looking for 2 cdj800.
Selling 2 Denon s5000 for 700 plus shipping
120 gb External HD USB powered OBO
Serato Scratch Live just used a couple times $400

Will post on Ebay shortly.


Still have a pair of EV SBA760 subs for sale. $800 each plus shipping. They started out as SBA750's but had an issue with one of the amps. EV upgraded the unit to a 760 by replacing the woofer, back panel and all electronics. I paid to have the same done to the other so I would have a matched set. Only the cabinet is still a 750. I will sell them individually.

I am also looking for a good, fairly inexpensive dual cd player like a Numark CDN-35. Does not need to be fancy with tons of bells and whistles.

Eric John


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Galaxian, Galaxian 3D, Chauvet FX-800 Fogger

Doing some cleaning, I have a Galaxian 3D ($290, in original box) & a Galaxian ($250). I used each for 1 gig. Like to sell one or both. If you buy both, I will kick in the Arriba carrying case & I'll pay for shipping for North America.

Also have Chauvet Precision 800 FX-800 Fogger 700 watts with remote $35.00, like new in box.

All are in perfect order.

DJ Dave

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Two HULK 150 Moving Head Lights. Like new, I used them for 1 gig (2 hours on them). They do not match my setup so my loss is your gain. $299ea + shipping.

Blazin Beatz

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All equipment is in working order, most have some wear on it

Dn 1800F Dual CD Player - $200.00ea. (2 available)
Rane Mojo Mixer 8mmz- $450.00
Ashley XR1001 Electronic Crossover - $100.00
Crown CE 1000 - $225.00
CDJ 100 single cd players - $300 for the pair or $200 ea
EV SX 300 Passive Speakers - $600 for the pair or $350.00 ea
JBL EON G2 - $350.00

Buyer pays shipping from 10950


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In case anyone is interested, I'm selling a really large Genesis DJ Coffin on craigslist:

It's huge, but it stores a lot of equipment. Probably would be great for someone who has equipment they'd like to keep in one place (club, studio, etc.), but need to have it closed up sometimes to keep the area neat.

Don't think I can ship this thing, but if you're really interested, I can inquire at UPS.

Edit: sorry about the goof on the original URL... it should be good to go now!!!
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Anthony Martorano

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Looking for a very basic, 2 way analog crossover. Connections have to be XLR......... Anyone got anything before I buy new? PM me...

DJ Matty D

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Pair of EAW La 400s For Sale MINT

Selling EAW LA400s with Cloud 9 covers for $1500.00 Mint condition. Used gently and processed properly by eaw specs.
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