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Well nothing was displayed for sale in the 2nd quarter of 2016 so I'm updating to the third quarter to see if anything changes. Post are getting more scarce around here so the next quarter or two will determine the fate of the USED GEAR posts. If you've got some DJ gear to sell, post it here.

Thanks everyone -
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Hi all, thanks for having this forum. I'm not a DJ or entertainer, I'm a used equipment dealer. At this time, I have a Game Show Mania System GSS-4C. I just got it a few days ago and I will be hooking it up and testing it this week. I am a skilled electronics and computer technician so I should be able to spot and repair any shortcomings. It looks terrific by outer appearances and it seems to be complete. I have it listed on eBay for $6000. but don't let that scare you off because it allows for best offer. Thanks again and I will be looking forward to dialoging with prospective customers and forum members. Here is a link to the eBay listing. Best regards, Jim


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offering pair of JBL 4345 Studio Monitors at a very attracting price.

The JBL 4345 4way studio monitors are in great working condition. These are 4 way system designed for full range or biamplified operation w/ 18" woofers, 10" mids, 2" compression drivers & ultra high tweeters. These are very heavy and local pickup preferred but will ship depends on agreement.

Scheme: 4 ways, 4 loudspeaker bass-reflex scheme, and a floor type

Unit: For low-pass: 46cm cone type (2245H)
For inside low-pass: 25cm cone type (2122H)
For mid-high ranges: Horn type (2420+2307+2308)
For high regions: Ring type (2405)

Frequency characteristic: 32Hz-20kHz±3dB

Directivity (horizontal x vertical): 60 degrees x 30 degrees (-3dB, 16kHz)

Output sound pressure level: 95dB/W/m

Impedance: 8ohms

Allowable input: 120W (at the time of a network)
200W (multi-amplifier Lo)
100W (multi-amplifier Hi)

Cross over frequency: 320Hz, 1.3kHz, 10kHz (at the time of a network)
290Hz, 18dB / oct (at the time of multi-amplifier)

Enclosure dimension: 253L (Woofer)
14L (mid Woofer)

Dimensions: Width 765x height 1096x depth of 470mm

Weight: 112kg (at the time of an original packaging)

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Three - ADJ Hypnotic RGB laser lights;

Pristine condition. $150.00 each (shipping included) ... or Best Offer

Two - Chauvet VUE-III lights;

Excellent condition. The lens flaw with these units has been now been permanently affixed. Flaw fixed.
$100.00 each (shipping included) ... or Best Offer

Six - Chauvet DMX-DFI 2.0 wireless DMX transmitters/receivers (each unit does both).

These are hard to find anywhere. If you have these and need to expand, you know what I mean.
Showroom condition. $65.00 each (shipping included) ... or Best Offer

One - Chauvet DMX-44 Mixer/Controller

Used sparingly (perhaps ten shows max).
Pristine condition: $150.00 (shipping included) ... or Best Offer


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Hi Guys...well the day has come. I've been retired since New Years Eve 2013 and only volunteer gigs since. It's time to sell my gear.
All my gear is in P R I S T I N E condition.
I live off I-84 in Connecticut between Danbury & Waterbury. All gear is local pick-up only.

I can only list a few things at a time. This is my Bose package.
Special discount for the person who is willing to take it bring a large truck

For Sale:

1 Pair of Bose L1® Classics (shipped from Bose between 2006 and 2007)

with a pair of Bose B-2s (not tini, tiny B1s, mother jumpin', bass pounding B 2 s ! )

included with these are 2 of those awesome Bose radiator cases by SKB & pair of Custom Tuki covers for the B2s!!!

Also included are all the Bose issued covers, cases, wires plus all my back up wires/cables that I had custom made.

How much? New this would cost somewhere close to $5K.
PM me an offer. I'm feeling very generous.
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