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Damned university! They gave me a deposit for $200 cheque, 1 week prior to the event which is when I deposited it.

Now, 2 weeks later, I checked my online banking and saw that the cheque bounced, and I was charged a $25 processing fee.


I've emailed the organizers of the formal, who are students on the council.

I fear they wont pay up, or wont email me back or something.

What do you guys do when this happens? This is a first time thing for me...

IM SO MAD! :evil: :mad:


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Is the payment from a campus group, or is it from the school's general accounting office?

First, contact the people you contracted with to let them know the situation. If they are not responsive or if the situation is not resolved in a reasonable amount of time, take the next step. If it is the student union, take it up with the general accounting office. If it is a fraternity or sorority event, bring up the issue with the regional or national chapter &/or the school's administration.

Be sure that you get not only the cost of the check, but of the processing fee as well. I make certain that I have additional NSF charges in my contract as well, so that may be a good thing to add to your contract in future.


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I ask for payment 2 weeks in advance OR client may give me a CREDIT CARD GUARANTEE to back-up a check payment. They may also elect to pay cash upon set-up.

The only times I've been burned?

When I've broken my own policy. I've always collected EXCEPT for one balance via credit card. I forgot to post the amount until after the show and the credit card was "maxed out". Never did collect, even after a judgement.

It is very rare that I have any payment problems. I set my policy to avoid the rare cases. The only person that would not like my payment procedure would be someone trying to rip me off.


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This is a first time for me and I'm worried about what to do.
My dad has told me to email both the organizers and see what they say. He says I need to go to the bank, and collect the bounced cheque, so that I can show the parties involved that the cheque indeed bounced.

They haven't wrote me back yet however, I emailed them last night at around 12am, and its now 12PM monday afternoon.

I dont know what they'll say, which is what worries me. I can't go to court over $200, so if they dont pay I'm screwed.

But everything in life is a lesson, and I've learned from this one. I'm changing my policy so that I will now only take cash and certified cheques and money orders as payments.

If these peeps dont contact me by tonight, I'm leaving them a voicemail tomorrow morning. And if they dont pay up, I'll go to the university faculty of music dean or president and explain the situation to them.

I dont know if there's anything much else I can do. :(


Funny this came up.
Peace mentioned breaking his own rules. I did an event last night for a photographers association and even though my contract says checks must be received at least 10 days in advance or cash on day of before set up the guy who hired me (who I've worked with many times and have had lunch with a couple of times, even DJed his daughter's reception) didn't have my payment for me. I didn't ask at the beginning because I was sure he would have it at the end of the party. That's when he told me he would mail it later this week. I trust him and think he is good for it (those are the ones who usually screw you though), I just don't like the idea that he took it so casually.
10 years and I haven't been stiffed yet.
Oh well, I know where his office is and where he lives :evil:



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Did someone mention "contract"? I believe they did. I also believe there was no contract involved here.

We require payment two weeks in advance for formal events. For informal events we require payment before the start time of the party. I've had a few times where I had to shut down and wait a few minutes. Funny how silence can get people motivated!

It also irks me when people get upset at you for reminding them about payment. It's not like I don't trust them. The fact is, I don't trust ANYONE! I even made my Dad pay before I started his HS reunion party. That way I didn't have to track him down while he was chatting with old friends.

If a informal event is close by in a nice neighborhood, I'll accept a check. Otherwise it's cash or credit card.


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I very large part of my business comes from universities & I've never heard of a actual university check bouncing. They've have screwed up paperwork, combined checks, forgot to process paperwork & caused checks to be delayed. A phone call usually corrects things. Now if its a check from a Frat, Sorority or smaller student organization well I've that could happen. If there is a way to screw something up they'll find a way. The good thing is if you have a properly signed contract & you provided the services on campus, there is always someone you can go to correct the situation. Either the Director of student activities or if its a Frat they also have someone overseeing all Frats too. I avoid problems like this by having any smaller college orginzations or Frats go though Student Activities.

I'm just at a lost to why you e-mailed them intend or calling them. Personally, I find a phone call to the contracting person or their boss corrects the problem. They're usually unware there is a problem, usually someone forgot to (fill in what you want, mail, process, sign & etc. And the check is sent.

Some of the universities provide me with 15+ events a year & they always pay. Yea, sometimes they alittle late mailing out checks but the plus way way out weigh the minus. But keep in mind I deal directly with the univerisities & their staff.



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Hey gang.

Actually there was a contract involved, and it stated in the case of a bounced cheque, the event organizer would be held liable for any charges incurred.

I emailed the d00d because he never picks up his phone...but today I followed up with a voicemail and he emailed me back. They're gonna take care of it by mailing me a certified cheque with cash for the NSF charge. I said i'd prefer to pick it up as I dont trust the mail to deal with this type of transaction.

I'm changing my policy for sure...and as someone said above...unless someone WANTS to rip you off, they would have no problem with your payment policies.

Thanks for the replies guys.
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