Trends In Weddings

I'm interested in trends (new activities, others no longer relevant) you are seeing with weddings. I've noticed this year that the Garter Toss is almost dead. I feel like the horrible awkward pressure of the guy who catched it to put it on the leg of a woman he doesn't know has helped lead the Garter Toss to its demise. I've recently seen an uptick in requests for The Shoe Game. What have you seen?

Mark Evans

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Dollar dance, wedding party dance's are down. Dollar dance has been for years. Did one last year and it felt like eternity to get through. More personalized grand entrance. Getting more couples that want a different song for when they come into or an individual song for each couple. Are weddings become less formal events and just more fun and more time for dancing?


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I'm seeing a greater emphasis placed on decor. How does the DJ fit in with the decor/theme?

Pinterest influences have been making their inroads. From what I have seen, it's been about a unique look.


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Sadly, what is unique to them us seasoned DJs may have already seen like kind dozens of times. Talk to us first dear bride for input :)


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I pretty much quit doing weddings about 4 years ago. Dollar dances were on the downswing then, individualized grand entrances were on the upswing and up-lighting was all the rage. That's all most likely changed since.


I think that the Barn weddings are finally starting to wane. Thankfully. I like them, but for a few years I was in a barn almost every weekend!
I agree about the multiple songs during entrance, I've seen an uptick in that as well.

Uplighting seems to be slowing down a little bit too.


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Barn weddings are hot! Practically anyone with a barn is now a wedding venue too. So many around. Hotels and country clubs are feeling the slow down in wedding bookings the most.

Up-lighting, projector/screen, monogram rentals/add-ons has declined since many venues now have a very basic setup and that generally satisfies their client, therefore the demand for us Djs with a wow setup is not as hot as it was in the past since many are okay with mediocre, it appears. Photobooths are getting really cheap looking lately, I see many just have a bed sheet a few props and a camera, you need to email them for pictures, you can't walk away with one. Must be an angle to promote their very basic setup.

Shoe game is still hot, love story no one adds that anymore.