Tour X from Electro Voice

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DJ Biff

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Tour X speakers from Electro Voice came in yesterday…

I am not normally someone who has an opinion about speakers, but I will say I was a little moved by these.

We brought in the 12s,15s, single 18 sub, and double 18 sub.

Out of the box, they don’t weigh a ton which is nice for the mobile, they have the ability for hanging, which is great for install.
They sound crisp… again, I usually don’t comment on sound but these (to me) really sounded nice. We were playing the 12 and the 18 together and even from 30 feet away they sounded great.

This is the first time in a LONG time I have brought in a double 18 to the store for display. USUALLY, they are HUGE, and expensive, NOT these…they are a manageable size, and for a double 18, the price is AWSOME…plus they bump!

Speaking of price, ohh man, for what you are getting, the Tour X are priced right…

I don’t know how to explain it, I have heard really expensive stuff many of times, and I say to myself “wow these are really expensive” instead of wow what great sound… but with the Tour X stuff I said, “Wow these really sound good and they are only how much? Cool!!!”

EV even thought out the handles, and have redesigned the grill so it does not crease in like other models.

Hats off EV!

Michael Doucot

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Wow! Thanks for the love Biff! We knew we had a hit on our hands and you are just confirming that for us!

Luckily, you are one of the few guys who jumped on board early and stocked up!

No matter how good our products are, they are nothing without the support you give it!
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