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Good morning folks,

I have a thought in the back of my head swirling around, thought it would be good to put it out there (yea, I always get in trouble when I think)...

Been looking at my setup in different ways, and would like to update the look of it. There are the usual plethora of lights, scrims, facades, and other bits that go into a great look.

What I have in mind is working with a wedding planner and an event designer who craft unique looks for clients on a regular basis. My thinking is two-fold:

- I want their input and ideas because my look should be unique, "sexy", and contribute to not only getting me hired for events, but something people truly enjoy placing in the middle of their event.
- I'm always looking to bond with other like-minded event pros when it comes to crafting a great event experience.
- I want my look to be what they want and recommend.

Has anyone done something similar?



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1. The wedding planner and event designer are DJ's. If they want something special, they specifically need to provide it. Simple as that.
2. A DJ needs to determine their own wants, needs, and functionality. The KISS method applies.
3. When in doubt, refer to #2.

I couldn't give a rat's ass what any wedding planner nor event designer want. Unless they're going to fork over the money for additional equipment and lights for "eye candy", "forgettaboutit"!!! My philosophy is to provide more entertainment with less equipment. I cut out all the extras and raised my rates to go along with it. I no longer have heavy equipment, and all the "eye candy" and "flavor of the day" lights. Instead of taking almost an hour or more to set up, now it's no more than 15 minutes, and that's taking my time.


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Sort of did that a couple years ago. Cost m $300 and didn't really get anything out of it but an idea I couldn't use.
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Hi Bill,

Were in the process of doing something similar. We work with an event coordinator. We have our basic setup, she tells us what the client is looking for at the event and we try our best to meet those needs. We're always looking for ways to polish up our service so it has worked out so far.

I'd love to hear some of the input you get from them and your thoughts on it's ROI.



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I think you can accomplish the same idea, with little cost.
First: COLOR!
Find out what the color scheme is for the event (bridesmaids dresses, school colors, holiday theme) and put a static color into your light show.
Perhaps a strip light under the table with a white tablecloth.
I am rarely at an event where there isn't an extra centerpiece, or pot of flowers, pumpkins and gourds, or some sort of themed decoration.
I am either approached by someone, asking if they can put balloons on my DJ table...or they are already there at my table when I get there to load in.
I'm not sure if I agree with getting the wedding planners involved.
I guess if you call them for some ideas in advance, it would work...
but most I have seen are too busy trying to get their OWN sh*t together to worry about me.


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Start an Event Production Service and offer things no one in your area does. With proper marketing success should follow.
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And how much you invest, and what your return on investment will be. It can either be a hit, or a bust.


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I agree with our esteem colleague, BB, from Washington state.

For each additional element that is added to a basic business comes that miserable double-edged sword; blanket applause or blanket critique.

"He ruined our day!!" Why? Because you got aquamarine instead of seafoam green? Anyone who reads that is thinking DJ, not accent coordination. Same holds true when the say "He was great!" Great at what?

Divide service entities even though they are under one master roof, and then conquer.

Good skill at whatever approach you take.
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