Time to circle the wagons.

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I like it. It sounds like something Ross Perot would have done if he had been elected in 92.


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Am I understanding this correctly... this protest is NOT about the government shutdown it's about the highly questionable but all to common US foreign policy of selling arms to whatever resistance group suites their current fancy, and truckers rights to pollute as much as they want, or did I completely misread that article?


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All they care about is BIG business and don't give a damn about the people they are supposed to represent. I really think they need a requirement to wear UNIFORMS like the NASCAR drivers with all the patches depicting what commercial entities have fed their coffers to win election. They also need term limits to rid the legislative and judicial branches of government of the "Good Ole Boys" clubs. Not a one of them is earning their six digit salaries .... a public vote of "No Confidence" and then FIRING them should be automatic when they don't get the job done on time ... isn't that what would happen if it were you or I?
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i love it! Someone has to take back the country!

"Someone"? That "someone" is you. And I say "you" in the collective sense, here. Many people these days are saying the same thing. Saying it on an internet board is easy. Saying it in public, loud, is hard.

Our Founders didn't have internet boards. Ergo they didn't have the "easy" part...just the "hard" part. At Bunker Hill. At Valley Forge. At Trenton.

Think about it. So many people in so many places have such things as signature lines or avatar captions with "Give Me Liberty" or "Put Watts Into 'Em" or "Molon Labe". How many, though, are talking the talk with no desire or fortitude to walk the walk?

I, for ONE, have, do, and always will walk that walk.
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