Time for a "How Was Your NYE Gig" Thread

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Earl From CloudNine

Canayjun, Eh!
On a scale of 1 - 10 (with there never being a perfect 10), both Diane & I rated tonight's NYE party at a solid 8.5

Only one minor glitch all night, and that came from a "gentleman" who insisted that we play nothing but 50's & 60's stuff.... The man was (I'm guessing) in his mid to late 60's with a wife/girlfriend who couldn't have been more than 40.... so he was "playing the roll"...

Other than that, everything went off smoothly.... We did a mix that we put together leading up to the big balloon drop, starting with Alan Parson's "Sirius", into a couple of bars of "The Final Countdown" by Europe, into the 10 - 9 - 8 - ... thing, to Guy Lombardo's "Auld Lang Syne", into a dance version of Auld Lang Syne.... and finally "Celebration"... The whole schtick lasted about 9 minutes and worked really well.

It was a really diverse crowd... 20-somethings, to 60-somethings.... and every musical/dance taste. Everyone got at least three sets of "their" kind of music, 50's, country, rock, hip-hop, etc.. and the dance floor was pretty-well full for the most part.

We came up with a New Year's Eve version of the Wright-Left game, and awarded a bottle of champagne to the winner.... The game was REALLY well received.

Packed up and loaded out by 3:00 a.m..... Home by 3:10..... And we're off to bed..

Happy New Year all....


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I didn't have a NYE gig, so my family and I visited our neighbors for a while, went shopping for groceries and then went out to eat. Got home about 9pm and was in bed by 10:00. I started to watch NYE with Dick Clark and Ryan Secrest, but I'm not a Ryan fan nor a Hillary Duff fan, so I turned it off and lights out. To me, it's just too much hoopla and just another day in the yeat. The only difference is when you wake up, it's 2006...WHOOPPEE!!
We were booked for a crowd of 60-80 year olds.

Normally, a small dose of the big band, jazz, crooners, oldies is all we ever play. And most of that is for background music for wedding receptions. Last night was a 3.5 hour heaping helping! A good learning experience that I'm glad we've done.

There's a couple of requests that we didn't have that we will get. A few more that are bad recordings that will get replaced. Today I'm going to jot down some notes and organize things better for the 2006/2007 party.


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About a 4. The band's sound engineer ran the mids too high, and there were no vocals or low end coming through at all. Could have also been the cabinets were underpowered as well.

Crowd was too small for the space, and very lame.

But the sushi and the lights :D were good otherwise it would have been a 2.


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I had an informal wedding. Ceremony was @ 6:60 with reception to follow. Origionally I was told about 100 guests. A couple of days before they told me only 40. I counted 32 during the ceremony. By the time we did the first dance we were down to 22 people. At midnight we had 13. On a scale of 1-10 I would say it was a 5.

Bryan Durio

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My party at the Country Club was about an 8.5. Had a lot of 50-and-over partiers with a smaller crew of 20- to 30-year-olds. I played mainly party standards and oldies, but almost every time I played a request from a younger guest it cleared the floor, and the person who made the request was nowhere to be found! Except for My Humps.

The staff at the CC had billed it as a 9pm to 3am party with a 1am breakfast. They had dinner at first, it took until almost 11pm for people to start dancing consistently, and for all practical purposes the thing was over by 2am. I like to end things with a bang, but the staff wanted me to play as long as guests were still there; it trickled down to nothing by about 2:45am. People seemed to be very pleased.


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a 10

I believe that I had a 9.5 a wedding for 350 in room desiigned for 250. I asked the banquest Manager for a shoe horn and she thought I was joking. IT pretty muched rocked from Dinner on. The B/G and WP were High 5ing people and cheering all night. My dance was in a Holiday Inn in a resort town full of snowmobilers so I think I was stealing guest from the karoke show in the bar becasue we had well over 450 at midnight. Here are some pics.


Johnny Dee

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We did the local Teen Center which is one of our accounts. It was for 7th and 8th graders from 9:00 to 12:00 mid (we finish right after the ball falls).

Normally we get 300+ kids but it started to snow about 5:00 pm and dumped 3 inches of snow on the ground with slippery conditions. Ended up with only 40 kids.

The tough part was that we were booked with a big sound system, Intell light show, Laser light show, Large screen video and a plasma with the game Guitar Hero. We also had to run cable to tie into their cable box to do the ball at midnight on the big screen.

A whole lot of work for just 40 kids...but we got paid for doing it so that was good. The kids that were there had a great time.


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Mine kinda sucked (compared to last year). There was only about 40 people that showed up and they were more concered with the bar then the dance floor.

I did my best job as possible to try to get them on the floor but no go....

Still got booked for dec 31 2006 so i guess you can say they still like what I played.


Mark Beecher

9.5 Went to dinner with friends at a favorite Thai restaurant and the owner comped us a bottle of wine! Then went out to see a Beatles tribute band and Henry Lee Summer at a hotel party. Stayed sober and no hangover. First NYE off I can remember. Did a wedding the night before.



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Henry Lee Summer, there's a 1 maybe 2 hit wonder!

I had my regular bar gig. Pretty good night considering it was mostly in-house advertising. Give it a 7.

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I was expecting a crowd of around 600-800 people to show up at an event I did with a huge setup (2.5 hours with 3 assistants!) Unfortunately for us it started pouring hours before the start of the event and "only" about 300 people showed up. It was alot of fun though; a few glitches here and there, but no one cared. I put about 100 business cards and a lot of pens on a table and at the end of the night there were only 4 cards left. Got pretty hot in the room. Lots of fun. I give it a solid 8.


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I think mine might have been close to a 10 - maybe a 9.8 or something like that.

My banquet hall wasn't booked and neither was I so I did my own NYE party and just invited everyone I know to bring a dessert and their own booze. I put up my full lighting and video show and had a great time. I did a 10 minute New Year's Eve tribute video at midnight which people loved.

All told about 80 people came and went throughout the night. It was a royal hoot. In this picture you can see my sound system (that's an iMac on top) and I'm shooting video from a projector on the floor to the ceiling, which is what these dancers are looking at.


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Had a small wedding reception (80 people) that was pretty good. The Bride was sick and disappeared until about 9:30....good thing we did manage to get the first dances done. After that she seemed fine and danced the night away. Most of the guests we great party people but there were a few more content to just sit and count the minutes until midnight.

Not quite the rip off the roof crowd, but they had a great time and the B&G said that we made their day........that's what I like to hear!

Mark Beecher

jwg wrote
Henry Lee Summer, there's a 1 maybe 2 hit wonder!
Yes but he's a local legand. Apperance wise he has not aged well but oh my god...the notes he can still reach...f'n amazing. Lots of fun, TONS of energy and a great show man..I was paying CLOSE attention.


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I would say mine was a superb 9.3 out of 10!

New client for this year, a christian singles group. They rented a hall in the middle of outer Mongolia (the next county over). The hall has horrible acoustics, but the Driverack really pays for itself in places like that. I swept the room with the RTA function, added in a little subharmonic on the bass, and VOOM!

We had about 125 folks who danced the night away to old school disco, some 60s hits, a few 80s, and a high energy countdown that runs for 30 minutes with the climax at midnight.

The only things that need some attention:

- Stage monitor: Because of the building, it's hard to hear what I am doing on the mains.
- Mysterious computer gain issue: The PC keeps losing gain for some reason. I ran the board hot to get volume, and that is not right.
- Log print function: I want to print their log and save it for their next dance (I have been asked back). Gotta get with Andrew & PCDJ and ask about that.
- Pictures: I need someone besides me to take pics at events. I let a few great ones get away!

A side benefit of having the PC-

A gentleman come up to me and hand me a huge stack of CDs. I told him I cannot play them, as all music was coming from the laptop! :D He still got some of his requests, as I had a fair amount of what he wanted in the PC, but it shut down having CDs forced upon me that may or may not add to the show!

In all, the client is happy, and the contract goes out today for their next dance.

They pay me more than their last DJ, and they are very happy with the results. I am too!

backdoor man

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I just rolled out of bed at 3:00 P. M., so I guess that says it was almost perfect 10. I was booked all week at the hottest bar in this small college town. I had a large crowd Mon. for the Christmas After-Party but had a huge case of food poisoning at closing time & had to cancel for Tues. I am still weak from that but built up to NYE all week. We packed in 2 1/2 comfortable capacity; all were crunked & lovable. No fights!!! It has always seemed to me in the past that the "once a year revelers" that can't hold their liquor always cause trouble, but not last night. I try to promote love, respect, & understanding at my bar parties. I think that it might be working. My only complaint last night was from the most beautiful girls were that was I just didn't play enough booty music. They did say it with a smile and a hug though. Heheheh! BTW, the manager offered me a permanent 5 night per week job. I got to sleep on that. I love job security but I am just like all of you; I thrive on a new audience, also.


This year was at a bingo hall not too far from my home. 300 bingo players took a 3 hour break from playing to dine and dance in the new year. They were mostly 45 - 60 year olds, with a few 20 somethings. The staff (family atmosphere with their regulars) danced to Missy Elliott and Ying-Yang Twins, and dragged players from their seats, who danced to the 50's and 60's . Requests were all over the place from hip-hop to Selena, Sinatra, Buddy Holly, and Patsy Cline from one gentleman who complained about the crap I was playing (Brown Eyed Girl was on).

Did the midnight countdown, Auld Lang Syne, Old Time Rock 'n Roll, Mony Mony, and then, BACK TO BINGO !! An interesting change of pace. 7.0

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