This Mobile Rig Is Better Than Yours......

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Ken Heath

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Cooler in some presentations? Perhaps... but let's see this guy DJ from a balcony or an upstairs ballroom!


I do like the way it slides out of the back...great engineering!

minty fresh

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Might possibly be the ugliest car in the world. I pulled up to a Scion the other day and it looked like a Tonka toy.


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I agree with Minty Fresh, these things are stupid looking.

Now, if they could come do this to my Suburban 2500, that way i can drive over the Scion guy, while spinning some breakbeats.

Possibly some Yorville, TurboSound, and EV, speakers.

Oh yea!


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I'll have to disagree with some of you here. I love the Scion. And what makes it even better is that it's full of Pioneer.


minty fresh

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I'm sorry but the Scion is ugly and tiny. Let's look at some of the specs.

1.5L I4
16 valve

Are you serious?? It's like driving a lawn mower.

It almost fits in the back of my Envoy, haha.

And finally, It's not like you can buy them with the Pioneer rig installed. It's a custom job.


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Man, i agree with you!!

Suburban 2500
Chevy 454 Bigblock
7.4 liter
539ft/lbs of torque

i could probably fit 2 scions in my truck, a just stick a third on my roof.


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I like them, I like the whole Scion line and concept....thinking of getting one for a new project I'm working on.....the XB would look great wrapped.

Toad - Ford F-150 FX4 Supercrew Owner


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The Scion isn't too bad as a method of transportation but somehow, I find it hard to believe that anyone would spend more on the 'pimp job' than the vehicle's initial purchase price! Seems like such a waste of hard earned cash. Are you sure this wasn't government funded?


Corey Shedoudy

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Five Axis does some awesome stuff. If you like tricked out cars you can check out their website at

I drive a Scion tC. They just tricked out this tC here too:

It has a Plasma that raises and retracts in the hatch:

For more finished pics and build pics check out their website.

Jon Bruce

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I went and checked out a Scion xB today. I am with Toad it would look great with a complete graphics job.

The interior space is really weak. the Rear seats don't come out. The trunk deck isn't bomb proof and fairly small.

And the rear load in height is very high for as small as the vehicle as the xB.

Still cool. I could make it work. (maybe)

The Element is a better candidate. The Toyota Matrix I saw is probably a better candidate.

Bob Dietrich

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Lets see...seeing how I've built many big block Chevy mototrs for Jet Dragboats and 4 wheeled applications, I'd just love to hear what has been done to that 454 to make 540hp with only 539lb ft of torque...the math here doesn't add up as usual...especially considering the peanut heads in the 454 truck engines are about useless once much over the 350hp mark. Even a blower or turbo application will fall well short of those numbers on a stock 454...don't you mean 240hp???

FYI, I built a 565 this spring for a boat Jimmy, naturally aspirated on pump gas that makes 622hp and 749lb ft of torque. It currently powers a 21' Eliminator to consistent 105mph verified on GPS...and it gets there real quick too! Sorry, your numbers isn't realistic nor attainable without considerable modifications that would make the vehicle unsuitable for street Ken, I was born at night, but not last night...


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I can get to my gig faster than you can!

Who cares...

What is it with all this hating?

Thanks Wavy Davy for sharing. I looks pretty cool!

Bob Dietrich

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No hate at all, just pointing out the obvious to those who doesn't already know about some of these dillusional posts being made by a youngster.

As for the Scion, I must admit I believe Toyota has another real winning lineup here. They didn't bring this line on board to compete with the more upscale offerings they and other manufacturers make, but rather an affordable alternative for those on a tighter budget. Obviously thugh, when these are modified extensively they're very cool to say the least...their little box truck on wheels is a superb canvas for many people as I've seen quie a few of these getting modified...would make an excellent rig hauler for those sporting compact systems to be sure!

Great idea for Toyota...start the youngsters out on the Scion brand, then move into Toyota as they get older and finally into Lexus when they truly arrive...superb marketing!
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