Thinking about Swift Elite 4.0 - any last words from the peanut gallery?

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I've been looking into video dj software demos for the past several days, as I'm now getting the Promo Only videos in mp4 format and Mixmeister Pro 6 just won't handle it.

I'm now leaning strongly toward Tricerasoft Swift Elite 4.0 Solution. As far as I can see, the pluses are:

Allows me to tag my "legacy" mpeg-1 files.
Autotags the mp4 files with only minor modification to the files.
Auto-mixes, with several different cut styles.
Catalogs are easy to populate and allow for numerous subcategories.
Improved on-screen text and logo display options.
Can preview audio and video, separate from the live display.
Can populate a playlist with relative ease and let it run on its own.

The negatives:

Not the same level of control in the pre-mix as with Mixmeister Pro 6.
More visual clutter than Mixmeister Pro 6.

As far as I can tell, there are things Mixmeister Pro 6 does well that *none* of the current video dj systems do. Swift Elite 4.0 Solution appears to be the one that doesn't leave me wanting to pound my head against the wall and throw my computer out the window.

Anyone know anything I don't that would either confirm or change my tentative choice?


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Swift Elite 4.0

Dear Polar Sounds,
I have been a Swift Elite 4.0 user for the last 3 years and have had no problems with it. It runs smoothly and once you have tried the free 10 day trial you will agree it is simple and easy to use. Here is the link to the download:
You are making a great choice and if you have any questions let me know.
Or you could try the LITE version,
It has a different skin which you may like better.
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Dude, Check your P.M.'s I can't post an honest opinion here without pissing off a sponsor, so I'll do it in private..
We just used Swift Elite 4.0 at a charity event last weekend for the first time. After hours of playing with it at home things went well. I'm looking forward to learning all about all of the many features at the WNYMEA seminar on April 19 in Niagra Falls. There are several skins that are available and we are trying to find the one best suited for our needs.

Good luck!
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