Think I am done with sweet 16 and school dances..Modern Technology????


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:(Hi there everyone....Happy Fall. This is it, modern technology has gotten the best of me. Did a MS dance several weeks ago, and during the second hour of the dance I sensed something was wrong. Come to find out, 5 girls were cyberbullying and thus ended up being banned from dances the rest of the year. Kids were leaving the cafe, going to the restrooms, and screwing around. Attendance was not that high. Did a sweet 16 Saturday..They texted requests, some of which the birthday girls mother said "do not play if no clean version". I had a killer laser show, projector with Happy Birthday for selfies, and played he songs on the list she requested ahead of time. Dance was until 10, most were heading out by 9:30. Come to find out, they were having another party after I was done. The birthday girl along with her parents were happy with my services, but asked around 8:30, whats going on, don't these kids know how to dance? Is this now typical considering cells and social media? Any feedback or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Nancy from CMS


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I have seen this with some high school dances I have been doing. Four hour block, we get maybe three hours of dancing, and all are gone 15 minutes before the end of the show.

I think it's more of a social scene than a dance. Dancing still happens, but it's more about being there than being an active participant.