Have you ever played "Is This The Way To Amarillo" by Tony Christie?

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If you ever find yourself playing at a gig where there are several to many people from the UK (England, Ireland, Scotland, etc) try "IS THIS THE WAY TO AMARILLO" by Tony Christe. I've found that that it will cause a stampead to the dance floor (if it's not full already).

There's a dance to the song that the people from the UK will know. Apparently this 1970's song is all the rage in the UK & Europe over the last few years, especially at Soccer games...and you know how seriously they take Soccer over there.

It's a catchy tune. Hope you like it. :D

DJ Beck

Thanks for the heads up on this song. I have it but have never played it. I've heard that it was popular over seas years back. Like 2 years ago or so. I figured when I had the right crowd I'd break it out but for now I just carry it around.
Ok so where do we get the song?
Can we pretend to be hero's and spring it on people as a new discovery and teach the dance? Guess I'll try to see if it's YouTube.....
I've got to at least hear the dang song now that you mentioned it!
I found and listened to it on youtube. Pillow, willow, Amarillo. Yep they all rhyme.
It is amazing that it's that popular.
Fun to search it down but I'm in no hurry to get it to play for anyone here where we are just a few hours from Amarillo.
Get him on Leno and let's see if that does something for the old fart. LOL


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Bad bad BAD cover of an old Neil Sedaka song. Eeegh!

(Found it on Rhapsody, by the way)

If this is the sensation that you say it is (will be doing a little research)
an't wait to lay this on a wedding party later this summer. The place is going to go coconuts. I just know it. Half of the party is coming from the UK and the bride asked me for double cheese.

"Shaaa laaa laaaaaaaa laaa laaa laaa laaaaaa laaaa!"


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Checking one online source, and I found the song on five different albums.

One is Tony Christie with another artist, one is the Hermes House Band, and one is the Hermes House Band with Tony Christie.

Are all different lengths, so one can not be sure they are the same version of the song.

Which one is the right edit?

The CDs are:

Summer Holiday Hits (CD3) - (Is This The Way To) Amarillo (Tony Christie)

Now Thats What I Call Number 1S (CD 3) - (Is This The Way To) Amarillo (Tony Christie)

Handball Hits - Is This The Way To Amarillo (Tony Christie & Albert West)

Bravo Hits 50 (CD2) - Amarillo (Hermes House Band Ft.Tony Christie)

Best Football Dance Remix - Amarillo (Hermes House Band)

John Carey

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John Carey, Ireland, here.

It's a song that was a hit back in the seventies.
Tony only had one other hit (so far, he still makes music) "I did what I did for Maria". He makes a nice living on the live circuit in the UK and places like Spain where British people head for holidays (vacation to most of you)

To be honest I've played it at most weddings at over the last twenty odd years I've been a DJ. It's more of a sing-a-long song. Yes, crowds will clap their hands during the chorus but it doesn't have a set of steps as would the cha cha slide or say the Macarena.

It enjoyed a major come=back thanks to a TV tie-in a few years back.

Now the Hermes House Band. They are a German band who I think are both brilliant and brutal.

They take well know catchy songs (here in Europe) they add a strong dance beat and plenty of bits for the audience to join in (sing, wave/clap your hands,stamp your feet etc).

Would I listen to them at home or in the van on the way to work, no. They really kill most songs, but for a lively crowd in the party mood once the floor gets moving, it's great stuff.

Those of you who do a lot of party pieces like the Cha Cha Slide, Macarena, the Chicken Dance (we call it the Birdie Song in Ireland and the UK) etc. The Hermes House Band could be of use to you.

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