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Jerry Taylor

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Did a search and read all the past posts on The Knot.

Since the webinar I have been considering placing a ad with them. Strange, I emailed the local rep and she sent me the info. I replied to her that I would like to see a local ad with the 10 photos of a dj.

Just got a email with an attachment of a contract. I did not ask for a contract. I read the contract very carefully and found a clause that read if I do not reply within 3 days the contract: "Your submission of any advertising content or failure to provide us contrary notice within 3 days indicates that; 1, the information on this form is accurate 2, your have read, understand and accept the terms of this aggreement and 3 you adopt this electronic fasimile process in lieu of signing this from"

So can a dj send a contract with that statement and if a Bride does not reply in 3 days its valid??????

Did I read this statement wrong?

DJ Ducky

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First, I would make sure that they know that I'm not binding myself to any contract at the moment. About your question on using this sort of contract on a bride, I think it's screams of sliminess and if she were to notice this (and I hope she would), she would immediately back out of the deal. From a consumer's point-of-view, I have run into DJs who do email contracts - no signature, just a reply with or without changes. Those DJs are immediately scratched off the list for me. In my own humble opinion, it needs to be on paper with signatures to be ethical and legit.
To me, it means after you submit the advertising, but of course I could be reading it appears to be intentionally vague...


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Jerry what are the other terms of the contract? How about posting it as a jpeg or something so we can see it?

I don't think that they can do that. I used to be with the Knot, and do not recall going through this when I signed, they couldnt bill me until I signed and gave them a credit card.

Most states have a right of rescission, a 3 day window, in which the contract can be cancelled, but im not entirely sure if that applies outside of real estate and cars.

It doesnt sound right, and I am sure that you set them straight.

Jerry Taylor

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Ducky, the idea of sending a contract was a joke. It was to show how terrible this wording was with The Knot.

I emailed back my local rep and told her I was "Knot" lol, ready to sign a contract. She emailed and said it was a proposal and not a contract.

But that was a quote on the botom of the "proposal".
Bill, I can't copy and paste their proposal, but that was exactly what it said.


Bill, what type of result did you have adverstising with them?

DJ Dr. Drax

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It doesn't mean at all what you state. It means that IF you submit artwork to them, from which to create advertising, that by doing so you are stating that it is correct, by not sending a contrary notice to them. It says that 3 days later it becomes a binding agreement.

That is very typical of electronic media agreements in this day of the internet.
clicking a submit button here forms the basis of a click wrap agreement to the TOS here.

I find nothing hinky about their offering other than her neglecting to send you a link to another site as an example. They may not have the right to send you someone else's ad.


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Jerry my first two years were phenomenal. I made over 10K two yrs running with referrals from the site, and I stopped getting the leads, even though I paid.

As more Dj's in my area advertised, I went to the last page, and despite my complaints never got any satisfaction out of them. I last advertised with the Knot in 2005.

Given the lack of response from the site about their chat sites, and the lack of response from their customer service reps in the local areas, and my personal experience with my area rep, I would not recommend doing any business with them.

"Knot worth it" imho.


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I've appreciatively had the opportunity to learn form the experiences of other Knot advertisers, some in my market. Most of their experiences sound similar to Mr. Smith's.

A common comment from those same respected competitors and industry related vendors was, and I'm summarizing and consolidating here, that after an initial, brief but measurably beneficial period, the Knot referred prospects became increasingly more price sensitive and impolitely demanding. The theme seem to be of brides with unreasonable expectations of price concessions without a commensurate reduction in level of service. Basically wanting the Roll Royce treatment at a KIA price point.

I'm glad I did knot get in on that discouraging wave.

If you have any trusted and respected vendors in your market that advertise with the Knot, ask them. Any given market may have substantially different experiences.
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