The Knot Average Wedding Cost..sure Is Shocking


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The other day "The Knot" released its annual Real Weddings Study, which surveyed about 13,000 American couples who got hitched in 2016. It talked about trends, social media, Etc. They claim that the average cost was around $35, 300. Contract price for a DJ for 5 hours was $1250.00....I am totally perplexed when I hear stuff like this. The other day, I quoted on a 6 hour wedding close to where I my office is located. When all was said and done, she told me I was too expensive, and she was looking to spend around $300.00!!!! Is it me. I see the differences are obvious all round the country with pricing for receptions depending on where you live, but this is crazy. What do you guys think??? Take care, Nancy from CMS


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I wonder where the survey sampling came from. If the sample was heavily concentrated from NY, LA, Miami, etc., I can see the higher number. Their survey results tend to leave out a good chunk of mid-America, and I think it skews the results.


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It is horribly slanted to bigger cities.
I am in the 60th biggest market in the U.S. (according to radio station rankings) and getting more than $1,000 for a wedding is NOT the norm.

It directly benefits their own advertisers if The Knot can make bride's think they should spend more.
If vendors see that they can make more money per gig, they may be more inclined to waste...I mean SPEND...their money on advertising. (on The Knot)
Ausumm is correct, its The Knot playing to their advertisers. It's also what type of client you want to attract. I'm in a very rural area (radio market #256) which bumps up against a fast growing college town which bumps up against a major tourist area which brings me a very unique mix of clients. One of my competitors does charge $1200 for 5 hours and is basically looking for a certain type of client. I charge less and pull in the next tier, which seems to keep me very busy. One of my local buddies who DJs as a hobby , doesn't mind charging really cheap prices to be busy on a Saturday and attracts clients, who just want some music at a laid back gathering type wedding. Its been said here many times, base your pricing on how busy you want to be and what type of client you want to attract.


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Thanks for the feedback everyone, and a shout out to my friend and DJ colleague Bill Smith. Man, you are right. They called me a while back to see if I wanted to advertise on line or in their magazine. I said sure if I wanted to remortgage my house. I said OK...lets do this for one month FREE to see if it works. My booking go through the roof, you have my advertising money, if not neither of us looses. They were stunned I even mentioned that, and in addition they want you to sign on for 6 months or a 1 year contract. Can't and won't do it. Take care my friends...Nancy from Coastal Music Services