Thanks CORONA....2 events cancelled in the last week


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:( I had a dance scheduled 3 weeks from now at a local school. Yesterday, the PTO said as advised by the school nurse, canceled the dance and no reschedule. Last weeks dance was a small local get together. Makes you wonder whats going to happen next. Not good. I really believe that restaurants, and the entertainment business are going to take a hard fall because of this. I have to say to myself.....One Day At A Time:hp2:


Coastal Music Services
To be honest, I am really unsure as to when I am going back to work. I think we are all in the same boat. I lost a huge amount of contracted jobs, but on the same note, I am heartbroken by all who lost a loved one during this pandemic. Heres hoping that we all get back to a "semi-normal" life style very soon:angel11:


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We have mostly rescheduled most of our spring weddings. Most all of our proms and school events are cancelled. A few may try to have something at the end of this month or into June. I'm not holding my breath on that happening.


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I’m dead in the water. July events are now dropping, and cities are postponing fireworks until the fall.