Tent Gala For 400 Guests

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Johnny Dee

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Here's some lighting photos from our Friday night Gala. We had a Thursday and Friday setup for the event

We had to battle snow and cold to get to the final show time. The first tent they put up collapsed from the weight of snow and ice when they put it up. (tent is for 400 people...so it is big). There was ice and snow in the 2nd tent when we were setting up. Temperature was in the low twenties in the tent when we were setting up. Show time outside temperature was in the teens. The heaters really didn't bring the temperature up to a comfortable level and we were wearing our coats at our control station during the event.

In addition to the lighting we also provided sound, 4 Flat Screens, multi-media, podium, live camera, live auction stream with our new 4k capable multi-media custom built computer work station.

Our crew did a great job of making this happen through the adverse conditions. Thank you Richie, Nacho and Dylan. The Sun was up when we got home from the strike.




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