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Big E

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Now he is gonna get the BIG head...calling him "One Cool Dude"...just because he likes to play outside in Alaska????..That makes him cool???

Keep up the coolness. Eric......



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Hey E!

What does it mean if you like to play outside in Hooker, Oklahoma?


Max, I'm glad you got everything you ever needed to know about Technobeams... specwise.


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Thanks For helping Eric!!

I'm using the technos on a fashion show I'm designing in late December. I was going to use some older "trackers" they're moving head fixtures, never heard of them, but I was told by a friend that they're decent.

But, the rental company discontinued this product. So were going to go with the 200$ a week technobeams. For 4.... thats expensive!! I hate spending so much money (others money) but I love working with these lights!! they're awesome!

NOTE: At the top of the web site here Bill's (ESC) banner is messed up, it's of by about a millimeter(half way through it), and "pro DJ & (something I cant make out)" is covering "Since 1873"

Thanks for helping
By the way how's the weather? Just a few days ago here it was in the 60's!!
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